Bad Shepherds Collaborating with Big Bad Wolves

Are shepherds holding their flock in the same pastures until the Big Bad Wolf of Government cut them to the bone?  
Is religion being used to help maintain people in a mindset of helplessness until politicians cuts their social safety nets and education programs?   

No person can every grow beyond the food that they are being fed. If religion continues to provide poor nutrition, then the poor will always be poor, helpless and at the mercy of uncaring politicians, who fail to solve problems, as they take turns leading.

I propose a new tool for measuring leadership in religion, politics, social and community leaders called Solution Based Results. Whereby no leader is given more than one term of service to produce results to problems that their community identifies. There should be a total turnover each new election or contract renewal, if they fail to produce verifiable results in education, jobs,  job training, housing, infrastructure, social and economic empowerment of their communities,  city, county, state and the country.  Any leader who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time does not deserve your vote or tithes.  “YES WE CAN!”

Like the spirit of democracy sweeping over North Africa, Americans must finally wake up and realized our current conditions will not change unless we change who and what is being taught to us. Are we being held down for the wolves? We need to be taught that we are the sleeping lions, acting like sheep.  It’s all a mind game that leaders are trained to perpetrate on the poor and middle class.  Are your ready to stop drinking their religious and political Kool-aid and embrace a will of self empowerment?  Once you know the truth, it is a choice to forget, ignore or ask for another cup.

C. Earl Campbell, DA 3rd

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