A Bold New Idea for the 21st Century!

A Bold New Idea for the 21st Century! 

New Economic Development Opportunity: Start a company making Non-Lethal Bullets.

Americans should Advocate for A New Law making lethal bullets illegal to manufacture and sell to anyone other than the military and law enforcement.  Anyone who uses lethal bullets should be charged with pre-meditated murder.

Keep the Second Amendment, outlaw lead or lethal bullets or projectiles. There is no argument against bearing arms (Guns), but the US Constitution does not guarantee the rights to lethal bullets. This is an idea some don’t want discussed!  Every Community should pass laws to make lethal bullets illegal in their communities. This should save the lives of millions of people.

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American Teenager’s Creed

American Teenager’s Creed

Dear Blogger Spear

I wanted to create an empowering message for Teenager.  Something that would remind them that they are a gift to this country and they are valued.


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C. Earl Campbell Da 3rd

The Cost Of Immigration

America Is A Nation Of Immigrants, Native Americans and Descendants of Enslaved Black Africans

The Cost Of Immigration

Should immigrants voluntarily pay an additional 25% income tax to cover the cost associated with their and their family’s immigration.  This is not an attempt to bash immigrants.  They are important to this nation.  They make us diverse and add the spice life, culture and ideas that continues make this country great.  I can think of no other beautiful women than those who immigrate and the children they produce with non-immigrants.  We might not be a melting pot, but a rich spicy stew, we are.

The costs of educating their children, providing job training, college education, medical and social programs are increasing.  Americans should not be require to foot that bill alone. Immigrants are a proud people and want to put some “skin in the game”, if given an opportunity.

Congress should pass a law that adds a line on federal, state, city and school districts tax forms that allow immigrants to voluntarily sign up to pay an additional 25% tax rate for 20 years.  After 20 years, they would pay the regular tax rate.  If we are going to resolve our immigration issue, Americans would feel better if immigrants valued the past contributions of American taxpayers whose blood, sweat and tears paid for the schools, roads, hospitals, social service agencies, police and fire services that they received in this country.  It’s why most see America as the best place to come.  There is enough room for all who want to come to America, if what they seek is a new start and an opportunity to build a life and fortune.  America should not be seen as a land for those who want a Free Ride.  That is not the mentality of most hard working immigrants who come here.

This voluntary tax would get the support of the nation, demonstrate that we value immigrant and grant them the power of choice to add their skin in the game. In return, they should be granted temporary American Citizenship with all the rights and privileges of a citizen.  If they commit no crimes and pay the extra tax for 20 years, they are automatically granted full American Citizenship Rights. Any children produced after the agreement should also be granted the same. Imagine what that would do to reduce our national debt and increase revenues for public schools and states.

Charles E. Campbell