New eBook: The Revised Amended Constitution for the United States of America for the 21st Century

New eBook: The Revised Amended Constitution for the United States of America for the 21st Century

 The Unites States Constitutions needed to be updated for the 21st Century and C. Earl Campbell had the courage to do it. He made changes to the Articles and Bills Of Rights.  The second Amendment, Search and Seizure, and Voting Rights for Washington D. C.  He placed term limits in the Constitution for the U. S. Senate.

The revisions proposed by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd will send shock waves through America and the World.  He proposed changes to the Second Amendment, Search and Seizure and Voting Rights for the People of Washington D. C.

He was bold enough to propose term limits for the U. S. Senate. He believes that the US Constitution is a Flawed Document and if we are to advance our civilization in the 21st Century, this Great Nation must have serious construction work done on its foundation.

If you are a Constitutional Scholar, Practicing Attorney, Law Professor, Law Student, or a Proud American, this eBook is a must have.  It will cause some to engage in serious discussions about US Constitutional Reform.

For the Launch of this eBook, it will be on Sale for 1 week for 50% off and available for $4.99 as a download in Pdf format. Sale ends Saturday, June 4th at midnight when the price returns to $9.99.  Available at

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

An Innovation In Bioscience Happened Today

An Innovation In Bioscience Happened Today

Just exposure to Microbiology Information in class today, I developed a new product concept to prevent the contraction of the common cold, flu and airborne allergies.

The allergy treatment and relief medicine category is estimated to be an $18 billion dollar worldwide market, growing at over 10% per annum.

In the US alone, there are approximately 50 million people suffering with airborne allergies. Outside the US, estimates are that in any given country, approximately 25% of the population has allergic rhinitis (airborne allergies).  In the US the OTC pharmaceutical markets generates over 25 Billion Dollars per annum and the global market generates over 85 Billion Dollars per annum.

This gift of innovation and invention is simply amazing. I can’t wait to develop this new product that helps millions of people who suffer for seasonal allergies, colds and flu.  Always open to mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

3 Innovative Solutions to Prevent and Protect Against River Flooding


Dear Friends:

Seeking venture capital seed funding to develop & commercialize two Innovative Solutions that will protect against property loss due to river flooding and one solution that would actually prevent river flooding in residential areas.

Only an inventor and innovator would look at the devastation caused by the current and predicted Mississippi River Flooding and create not one, but three innovations that prevent and contain the river, and protect property.  Only contact me, if you are serious about investing to provide the seed funding to patent, prototype and test and rapidly commercialize these solutions.  I’m not interested in the meeting and a referral game.

This is not “Out of the Box Thinking”, this is “There is No Dam Box Thinking”.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Columbus, Ohio USA

Mother’s Day Inspirations

Dear Friends

Happy Mother’s Day to our Mothers.  Visit and buy one of nine different Poems with separate backgrounds to share with your mother, grandmother, sisters, wives and aunts.  Show your love with something unique and special.  Please share this with your family and friends.

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

  Happy Mother’s Day Momma

You did it Momma!

You helped me past life’s test.

I learned many lessons from you and tried to do my best.

I cherish and honor you on this Mother’s Day, because of your love,

You are the “Mother Of All Mothers”, a true gift from Heaven above.

Your confidence and wisdom forever set the stage,

Happy Mother’s Day Momma, you grow more beautiful with age.

Life was tough for you and you sometimes struggled alone,

Your faith in God kept you strong even as things would go wrong.

Your balance of time, patience, love and discipline, with just the right touch,

Makes me appreciate you everyday, Momma I Love You So Much!

                         By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd 

Happy Mother’s Day Pink
Happy Mother’s Day Yellow
Happy Mother’s Day Peach
Happy Mother’s Day Purple