Mother’s Day Inspirations

Dear Friends

Happy Mother’s Day to our Mothers.  Visit and buy one of nine different Poems with separate backgrounds to share with your mother, grandmother, sisters, wives and aunts.  Show your love with something unique and special.  Please share this with your family and friends.

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

  Happy Mother’s Day Momma

You did it Momma!

You helped me past life’s test.

I learned many lessons from you and tried to do my best.

I cherish and honor you on this Mother’s Day, because of your love,

You are the “Mother Of All Mothers”, a true gift from Heaven above.

Your confidence and wisdom forever set the stage,

Happy Mother’s Day Momma, you grow more beautiful with age.

Life was tough for you and you sometimes struggled alone,

Your faith in God kept you strong even as things would go wrong.

Your balance of time, patience, love and discipline, with just the right touch,

Makes me appreciate you everyday, Momma I Love You So Much!

                         By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd 

Happy Mother’s Day Pink
Happy Mother’s Day Yellow
Happy Mother’s Day Peach
Happy Mother’s Day Purple

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