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Shame On Elected And Self Appointed Black Leaders



Shame On Elected And Self Appointed Black Leaders

President Obama is not addressing Black African Americans issues, nor is any other National Black Leader.  This has caused some confusing between some political entertainers like Brothers Rev. Al Sharpton, Cornell West, Tom Joyner and Tavis Smiley.

No US President has every seriously address the issues facing Black People in America, because since the death of Dr. King, we have never had any serious leadership with the courage to risk their life fighting for our interest. His murders left an enduring legacy of fear for those who stood with him and those who have come after him.

Black Leaders have never tried to combine their national resources, taught us to do for ourselves economically or demanded and gotten anything for our tax dollars that could be used to benefit the Black Community. Every year they hold national conferences to feel the pulse of Black Americans, party and provide some emotional pressure release and produce nothing that would be considered a national plan to empower Black People. I’ve been asking myself why?  There is but one conclusion that I could be arrived at.  They don’t want things to improve for Black African Americans!  Yet they have to maintain the illusion that they are doing their best to lead and represent the interest of Black People.  Examine their results for yourself.  This was a sad, but necessary revelation.  I promise never to complain without proposing a solution.

I propose the following as a plan of action to correct their behavior: That We The Black People of the United States of America, due ordain and establish a six month time schedule whereby, all Black African American Leaders shall collaborate to develop a written empowerment plan with coordinated implementable strategies in the areas of economic development, health care, education, housing, job creation, public policy, political leadership, spiritual behavior, community security, transportation, technology empowerment, communication, social service and family development.  Furthermore, that We The Black People of the United States of America agree to support such a National Black Empowerment Plan with $25 per month by establishing a free online Pay Pal Account, use an ACH Bank Transfer or Automatic Employer Payroll Deduction process.

If they fail to meet this requirement, they should be given a NO Confidence Vote by Internet, Letter or Telephone and we should withdraw our support and votes in their next election, attendance to their Churches, Mosques, Hall or Temples, withdraw for attending their monthly, district, regional and national meetings and seek to replaced them IMMEDIATELY, by any means necessary.  Any Black African American who choose not to support such an effort has not legitimate right to complain and should be ignored.

The suffering and pain endured by a majority of the Black African Americans is too much to ignored or allow their poor leadership to remain in charge. This is an opportunity for them to lead, get out the way or be removed.

Finally, if any one of them who calls for another foolish march to anywhere, they should be laughed at and disrespectfully told “No Thank You”!.

Charles E. Campbell, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Author


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