Black Economic Empowerment 101

Black Economic Empowerment 101

Black Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are still trying to innovate in 2011.  We are th salvation for the Black Community. Our unique gifts must be developed and supported by the Black Community, because the government at every level has unwritten plans that limit African American Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs access to capital. Where are our AT&T, Coca Cola, Google, Facebook and Apples? It’s not because we don’t have the ideas and innovations.  Our Black Leadership often focuses on Non-Economic Empowerment Issues.  They help maintain us within our current conditions of poverty as repayment for getting elected.  Their actions speak for themselves.  

We as Black African Americans have everything we need to empower ourselves, except the “Collective Will” to do so.  We remain divided by our religions, politics, ignorance, class and self hatred.  All of this can be corrected within six months with the right leadership.

To do so, we must make Economic Development our number one priority.   The Black Community should make an effort to identify inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs within their community and select those who agree to operate without GREED.  They should collectively pool $5 and $10 to create a Venture Capital Company and provide seed funding for incubator space, pay for design and patent fees and the manufacturing cost.   They should form Economic Development Partnerships with African American Colleges and Universities that have science, engineering and technology programs. They should identify and train inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, regardless of their race, who will create businesses within their communities, hire their people first and build factories to manufacture, warehouse and retail the products and service.   

A percentage of the taxes collected from the sale of those products and services and wages should be used to continue this “Economic Development and Empowerment Process” by creating a never ending loop that ensures funds get used to support local education, recreation and parks, community free health care services, retraining programs that help people learn how to live instead of survive.  This must be done without GREED!  Those who participate must be willing to accept 25% of Something is better than 100% of Nothing.  The Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor, Worker, Politician and Community must take a verbal and written pledge to avoid GREED throughout this process.  Greed is defined: When Enough is Never Enough.


Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Lover of Human Kind
Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation   iPhone App myLottery7  Renewable Energy Company
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