Black Fathers 2 Black Sons

Black Fathers 2 Black Sons


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


You are the greatest gift a supreme being can bestow upon a father,

We see ourselves, as we watch you grow up in a racist society and know why we bother.


You ignore our advice about peer pressure and fall into socially engineered holes,

In search of your manhood with alcohol and fun, instead of knowledge and goals.


As we work hard to provide and challenge this system, we expect you to pursue your best,

We are trying to create examples and be role models for your success.


We must do more to help you mature by showing you the truth,

That Black Men ain’t nobody’s victims, unless we embrace the lies of our own youth.


We are a Got-Dam Force of Nature, only afraid of our own true potential and soul,

With the courage to dream unimaginable possibilities without fear or control.


You inherited our traits, but not the genetic guidance to understand your power,

Puberty often over-rides your common sense and makes you mentally strong as a flower.


It makes you see your Mothers as weak females, who don’t deserve your respect,

They are twice our equals with love and compassion and the strength to match our intellect.


Like in the Matrix Movies, we must intervene with a choice to remove the illusion from your mind,

Expose the truth of those in power who can no longer control your Young Black Behinds.


Every year produces another generation, that are unprogrammable by religion or fear,

Your are the Black Race’s Salvation, if we can keep you out of the road, acting like a deer.


Now hear us! As we teach you about emotional intelligence, manhood, patience and love of race,

Mental tools and skills required before you can take your leadership place.


It is waisted potential for you to end up dead or in jail for breaking the law,

“I wish I had listened to my mother and father” words spoken as your fresh meat becomes raw.


To all of our Young Black Men, know this, “Life Ain’t Fair”, so try to stay free,

Be honest, be respectful, be creative and strong, because your decisions are a reflection of me.


You must learn to questioned, reason, observe, think, listen and communicate to honor your oath,

Because almost everything that you have been taught to believe, limits your growth.


Dedicated to my son Charles Dudley Allen Campbell (21), and all Young Black Men and to the memory of Troy Davis, Executed by the State Of Georgia and the U. S. Supreme Court on September

21, 2011.


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