My 2 New Christmas Songs For Sale $0.99


Seasons Greeting:
Dear Friends, Family, Fraternity Brothers and Associates 

Three of my Songs are for sale on Facebook through 

1. 12 Abusive Days of Xmas $.99   (A remake of the 12 Days of Christmas)

2. DA Grinch Dat Stole Christmas $.99  (A funny Story About The Grinch Beating Up Santa Claus and Stealing Christmas)

3. Dem Boyz Dem Boyz We Wear No Shirts $.99  (A Hip-Hop Song About Dem Boyz)

The entire Album of three songs can be purchased for $4.99 – Less than Fast Food Meal to support a Friend, Frat Brother and Family Member

If you choose not to buy a song, please forward this to your email list, Facebook and other social network Friends.   Your support would mean a lot this holiday.


Charles E. Campbell, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Omega Man: Tutwiler 7-D JSU YE 89 MI

Creative Artist: Geitar G. – MSB- C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Hip-Hop and Spoken Word Artist

Author, App Developer, Entrepreneur
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