True Leadership

True Leadership:

Leadership solved problems without excuses. When Pres. Obama came into office he was given over 700 Billion Dollars in Stimulus, his party had control of the House and Senate and he blew it. True leadership would have implement a National WPA employment strategy. True leadership would have built a national high speed rail transportation system, True leadership would have issue and executive order creating a two year moratorium on home foreclosures. True leadership would have allow “Too Big To Fail Banks” to fail. True leadership would have ended Bush Wars and used the money to eliminate college tuition for 4 years. True leadership would have create regional retraining centers that retrained the unemployed while they received unemployment compensation. Shall I go on?

True leadership would have ensured that every child had the same quality of buildings, technology, teachers, assistance, after school meals and extra exposure activities, clubs, group & learning environment. True leadership would have not engaged in Solyndar Style Pay-To-Play deals. True leadership would have ensure that results be provided in exchange for stimulus funding . Maybe I should stop here! Naw! To help someone of us understand what true leader is capable of, I’ll add just a few more examples. True leadership would have created a cabinet level position “Secretary of Innovation” which would have been a direct link to the American People to eliminate the red tape and barriers to job creation. True leadership would have reformed all entitlement, except social security and disability insurance, in a way help moved able body individuals to self sufficiency, while maintaining a strong stafety net to ensure no American is hungry, homeless or without their basic needs. True leadership solves problems without excuses. (Monuments of Nothingness, Tools of Incompetence)

I could go on, but I’ve made my point.

Charles E. Campbell
YE Spr. 89 Tutwiler
Twitter: @CharlesCampbell
FB: Charles E. Campbell
LinkedIn: Charles E. Campbell


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