Detroit 300 There Is A Better Way – TQR


Detroit 300 Declares War On Detroit Gangs For Killing Babies & Seniors 2012

Detroit 300 on streets, hunting down baby killers


I applaud these Black Men for standing up.  However, violence against gang members is not the only solution.  I don’t think that gang members are kidnapping our babies, even they have some  code of behavior and a leadership structure.  They might be responsible for some of the accidental or intentional shooting deaths.  Too often situations are manipulated in the Black Community and we react emotionally, usually angrily, because we have poor leadership, who are too busy making excuses, pimpin the people and getting paid, instead of caring about or solving the  problems of the community.  I’m proud to see Black Men Stand Up. All Black Men, regardless of your religion, income status or organization affiliation, should be prepared to defend our seniors, women and children who live in our community.

I live in Columbus, Ohio and I would like to know where to send money to support the Detroit 300’s effort to protect their children, women and seniors who live in their community.  However, I would caution them not to engage in another battle against our young own children, whose environment required them to turn to gangs for protection, manhood training, role models and economic opportunities, because the Black Men and Women, including their families and their community failed them.  Let’s create an Empowerment Plan based on Black Love.  I’ve created a new philosophy called “The New Way”.  A 21st Century Philosophy of Competitive Love, Respect, and Collaborative Empowerment without Greed, Self-Hatred and Violence, where Black African Americans compete to be our best at helping each other and our community improve in areas of politics, religions, business, education, family, community, health care and socially.

Most Black African Americans are unaware of the social engineering done through federal, state and local policies that have created our current community conditions.  If the Detroit 300 is the spark that demands Black Men find the necessary courage, then let it be, but for more than a goal of hunting down other Black Men or another Million ______ March.  The Community must Organize around a Transparent Empowerment Plan, which also demands transparent leadership, without Samboes or Agents trying to protect and maintain the current interest of those in control now, but solve no problems.  Violence is a unique language that only people with a “Dog Eat Dog” mentality understands.  Violence is not the solution, but sometimes a necessary mean of self-defense against those who choose to use violence.  Too often those who use violence and lack “Emotional Intelligence” can easily be manipulated, trapped, incarcerated or killed.  Fear and Courage are both contagious, but fear is the only proven effective strategy to control groups of people.  Courage is the only proven strategy that leads to liberation, freedom, democracy and self-empowerment.  Die or Live Free!  Which will you choose?

Finally, allow me to offer “The Quiet Resolution or TQR” a National Black Empowerment Plan as a draft document for Black Empowerment for the Detroit 300 and anyone with the courage to do something, but don’t where to begin.  I will provide a copy on my internet blogs: and for you to review.  This plan includes an area for Security and community protection.  It can be implemented in every city where there is a significant disfunctioning Black African American Community.

Respect and Ase’!

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