The Launch of

Breaking Business News! The Launch of


Are your ready to make money through social collaboration? ( is my new startup Internet Technology (IT) Company that enables social collaboration to create Pay-Per-View Events and Digital Products.  You pay $25 to register to propose and schedule your Pay-Per-View Event, set your own price, receive a link to promote it and film it and will stream it “Live”.  


If you are an individual with freelance or professional skill, you can pay $5 to register to join a project team.  If selected by the person who proposed the project, you collaborate to produce the Pay-Per-View Event or Digital Product (Coming Soon).  Within 24 hours, receive 80% of the revenues from viewerships deposited into your Account (Required).  Free at


Join the Social Network Site for Free today and share your ideas and collaborate to make money without Greed.  





Charles E. Campbell, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur   Social Collaboration Without Greed The Best Online Tool To Raise Donations  Renewable Energy Startup  

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