Is There A Difference Between Gov. Kasich and Gov. Strickland when it comes to Funding Black African American Entrepreneurs

Is There A Difference Between Gov. Kasich and Gov. Strickland when it comes to Funding Black African American Entrepreneurs

In  response to Greater Ohio PR Stories about the success in Ohio.  The same gatekeepers remain in charge that discourage Black African American Entrepreneurs from pursuing their dreams.  I challenge Gov. Kasich to release all the data related to Black African Americans receiving funding from state funded programs like JobsOhio, Third Frontier, TechColumbus, OSU Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer, JumpStart, Edison Welding Institute, Ohio Thomas Edison Program, Economic Development Agencies and Ohio Tech Angels.


Hundreds of millions of Ohio Taxpayer Dollars are being redistributed to to White and Asian Entrepreneurs and their companies, while telling Black African Americans that we are “Not A Good Fit” for funding.  It’s as if they all got the same memo talking points. Gatekeepers are program bureaucrats, administrators, investors, advisors and managers, who rarely change from administration to administration and help to maintain the same racist attitudes and policies designed to deny Black African Americans funding and destroy their entrepreneurial dreams. Gatekeepers always find reasons why we don’t qualify for their limited resources.  Here’s how the gatekeepers initiate the “Referral Game”. When Black African American contact them, they will schedule a meeting and pretend to be interested in our ideas and at the same time playing the devil’s advocate, which most are very good at.  The purpose of their advocacy is to attempt to destroy our self-confidence.  At the end of the meeting, we are told that our idea is “Not A Good Fit”.  Then they offer hope with a referral to another agency or resource that repeats the same behavior.  If you choose to continue to schedule meetings with referrals, you are repeatedly told the same things and given another referral.  This will continue until you are throughly convinced you that there is no money available anywhere or your idea is not any good. After receiving such treatment, most Black African Americans will give up or simply refuse to play the game.  If you absolutely refuse to give up, they bring out their big gun, usually another African American on their board or staff to meet with you in hopes of gaining more intelligence about why you refuse to quit or follow the programming. Many of these gatekeepers believe that a successful entrepreneur looks like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Black African Americans will never meet that racist standard, but we can and will continue to compete. Black Politicians demonstrate inappropriate behavior by never demanding resources for Black African American Entrepreneurs, because they believe their political battles should be for entitlement and social programs. 


According to the Jobs Ohio Website:  

The following funds have been or will be provided to Ohio companies.

2.4 Billon Dollars Spent in Bioscience Companies

177 Million Dollars Spent in Advance Energy Companies

2.68 Billion Dollars Spent in Automotive Industry Companies

360 Million Dollars Spent in Polymer Manufacturing Companies

42 Million Dollars Spent in R&D Manufacturing Accelerated Commercialization Small Companies

662 Million Dollars Spent in Food Processing Production Companies

560 Million Dollars Spent in Financial Services Banks and Insurance Companies

3  Billion Dollars Investment in Internet Technology (IT) Companies


How many Black African American Companies received a portion of this funding?  This is public information and I challenge Gov. Kasich to publicize it in Ohio Newspapers and his website.


Is there a difference between Gov. Ted Strickland’s Administration and Gov. John Kasich Administration when it comes to funding Black African Americans Entrepreneurs? Race always unites political parties when it comes to support Black Ohioans.  Black African American Innovators and Entrepreneurs who want to become successful, must consider seeking resources and investment outside of the State Of Ohio.  Relocating our companies must remain an option, if no funding is made available for our innovation in the above listed industries.  Black African Americans have the ability to compete and develop disruptive technologies in renewable energy, technology, internet technology, biotechnology, transportation, aerospace, energy and natural resource exploration, robotics and research and development.  


Ideas might be a dime a dozen, but innovations can change the course of human history.  Fair treatment when it comes to the redistribution of Ohio Tax Dollars, of which Black African Americans participate, is expected from Ohio Governors, regardless of their political party.




Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

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