Solutions To Three National Problems

I’m sadden by the fact that this country has a drought, which will increase food prices, power outages that places people’s lives at risk and wildfires burning out of control all over the country.

I have innovative solutions to solve all three of these problems. I’m posting on my Blog, because my attempts to share these solutions with political leaders have fallen on death ears. They are too busy running for re-election or playing politics to solve these problems or listen to those of us who want to offer solutions.

Any Serious Investors, Farmers or people affected by these problems or individuals who want to support my efforts can visit my website and donate or purchase my new eBook entitled “The Art Of Black Love”.

Leadership Solves Problems Without Excuses! 1. Wildfires, 2. Drought and 3. Power Outages: Ask your leaders what they plan to do to solve those problems and their response will tell you whether they are an effective leader or not.
Charles E. Campbell


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