Where Is The Political Leadership I Voted For?

Where Is The Political Leadership I Voted For?

I plan to vote for change because almost every elected politician seems to have excuses or are busy playing political games while this country struggles with drought, unemployment, wild fires and mass shootings.  They refuse to solve problems or even listen to those of us who haven’t given up on trying to offering them solutions, while being ignored.  They lack common sense and work for the wealthy powerful elite, who are not financially hurting like the poor and middle class.  

I would like to offer a few of the solutions that can be implement by President Obama immediately and with the support of congress without one single waist of time meeting.

1. Cut the US Corporate and Business Tax rate by 50% in exchange for companies that increase their new hire by 25%.  For those who choose not to take advantage of the incentive, their tax rate will remain the same.

2. Plan, mobilize and construct a National High Speed Rail Transportation System within two months.  It would require employees be hired to work four shifts 24 /7 and everyone receives $10 per hour for 8 hours per day.  

  1. Request Bill Gates and Warren Buffet provide 1 million dollars to every county in the US to fund start-up businesses that provide local products and services for that county and state (High Speed Rail Transportation System Supplies) and reward them with 10% equity in each business that receive funding.  Funding must be rewarded equally based on percentage of gender, race, and age of the county.
  2. Implement a 3 year moratorium of home foreclosures.  No one should be allowed to lose their home during this recession for some, depression for millions of others.

These are simple solutions to Jump start the US Economy immediately, but unless “We The People” demand that our leadership lead, instead of provide excuses, then we will get what we deserve the government we get. I believe that America is capable of once again achieving great things with the right leadership who has the courage to ignore their political party, stop worrying about the next election and start solving the problems they were elected to solve.  

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation -http://www.ahecEnergy.com

Cuptoopia.com, Inc. – http://www.Cuptoopiacom.ning.com

Poms, Inc. 


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