If Politicians have the courage, here’s what they can do


 Dear Mr. and Mrs. American Politician:

May I offer this solution to prevent future Aurora, Colorado or Chicago Murders related to the use of lethal bullets in guns.  Here’s what American Politicians can do, if they have the courage.

Propose that Citizens within their individual communities or counties be granted the right to vote their community free (dry) of lethal bullets.  Just like communities and counties have the right to vote their area free (dry) from having alcohol being sold, so should communities have the right to vote a ban on all lethal bullets being sold, owned or used. A FREE Lethal Bullet Exchange Program could be established to replace lethal bullets with nonlethal bullets.

The Second Amendment Right to bear arms would remain unchanged, but the number of senseless murders would drastically be reduced.  It’s easier for leaders to make excuses, rather than propose and implement solutions. We must demand leadership solves problems without excuses! 


Charles E. Campbell, Author, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

http://www.ahecEnergy.com – Renewable Energy Startup

http://www.Cuptoopia.com  – Internet Technology Startup

http://www.MyMoneyBudget.com – My Digital Products

wbsbpd88@hotmail.com – My Contact


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