Can Future Hurricane’s Destructive Power Be Reduced?

Can Future Hurricane’s Destructive Power Be Reduced? 

I have an innovative idea for a hurricane and typhoon solution that can reduce the billions of dollars and lives destroyed by seasonal hurricane and typhoons. Too bad that we have leadership in the White House that ignores innovative ideas and solutions to national problems. I won’t waste my time going through the motions of submitting more ideas that keep getting ignored. Maybe new leadership will consider innovative ideas, even if they come from a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur, who can’t afford and would refused to engage in Pay-To-Play Solyndra Solar type deal.

Hurricanes are power by the temperature of the ocean water. My solution involves a method to cool large bodies of water in the path of a hurricane or typhoon, which will reduce its destructive power.

Since 1960, hurricanes that have hit the US have caused over 400 Billion Dollars in damage. This doesn’t have to continue with the right national leadership open to innovative ideas that solve problems.

Do We Deserve The Black Leadership We Vote For?

Do We Deserve The Black Leadership We Vote For?

 Black African Americans should be ashamed of President Obama and other Black Leaders, when they examine the conditions of Black African Americans as a group.  President Obama and other Black Elected Leaders and their surrogates take pride in telling Black Folks without shame, that he’s not the President of Black Americans, but all Americans. Is that a verbal slap in the face? It is for that reason, that I still believe in the Change part of his old message. It is a mark of insanity to keep voting for the same politicians for a second term in office and expecting him or her to do something different to address Black African American issues. I plan to vote for change in Nov. 12 without fear of another party, because the election of President Obama made one thing crystal clear to me. Regardless of which party is in office or the color of their skin, Black African American’s issues will always remain at the bottom of their agenda, especially when it comes to access to economic empowerment resources. 


As a result of Poor Black Leadership, we remain at the top of poverty, incarceration, homicides, unemployment and suffering.  We can be assured that no elected or self appointed Black Leader will assume responsibility for solving our problems, unless we remove the security of a guaranteed election or re-election without a record of solutions to our problems.  I hope the Black African American set this new standard for evaluating their elected and appointed leaders: “Black Leadership Solves Our Problems Without Excuses”.   Beware of those paid and volunteer consultants or surrogates who appear  in the Black media or Black Churches every election season to inspire you to get out to vote, but disappear when it comes time to demand accountability for solving our problems. If you are tire of being used or pimped, join me and let’s start voting for change until we get it. No elected leader, regardless of party deserves a second term in 2012 when you examine the condition of this country.


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd