Black Men and Women Require a Systematic Marriage Training Program

Black Men and Women Require a Systematic Marriage Training Program

 When you want to create a societal change, it must be intentional and systematic.  Of course, Black Men need marriage!  Many just don’t know it, due to lack of role models that don’t demonstrate the benefits of marriage.  I’m not just referring to the sex, and that’s a major component of it.  I’m referring the physical, emotional and psychological health of connecting with the right person.  The pooling of two incomes in one house and the producing, nurturing and raising health productive children.  Our current education system has no incentive to do this for Black Folks.  Being paired with another person is the natural human state for all animals, including human beings.  With the lack of education, training and preparation program for Black Men and Women, such as a focus on completing an education that includes the option of job training or a college degree, relationship training, ethical and moral training, accountability and responsibility training, just to name a few, the Black Divorce Rate rate will continue to increase.  Couples have too many options to remain in a unhealthy marriage.


Black Folks must demand better leadership and accountability for solving our problems at every level of our society.  They must develop and implement a National Black Empowerment Plan similar to The Quiet Resolution (TQR) (Free Copy at, which has such an education and training program component.  Black Men operate on the knowledge that they have.  If we want them to do better, teach them better! 


Just my 2 cent.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO


Institutions and Organizations Need Your Support: Spread The Word

These are tough economic times for institutions and organizations. There is some good news however. Last year, on Cyber Monday 2012, according to Adobe, Online e-Retailers broke all previous records, when shoppers spent a record $1.98 Billion Dollars, which increased last year’s total to $740 Million Dollars. To access those customers, a startup created Charity Change App, a web application designed to help them raise donations. Organizations or institutions that need a better tool to increase their online donations should take a look.

Donations are tough to come by, so any advantage that a fundraiser can get, should be welcome because of the great work that is done within the community. Sometimes it seems like this country is losing the battle against violence, cancer and diseases due to the lack of funding. If Charity Change App can help non profits, charities and foundation generate donations to meet their fundraising goals, then maybe this country can save more lives, cure more diseases and support more families.

With corporations tightening their charitable giving, Charity Change App could make up the difference by Online e-Retailers to enable their customers to support charities, non profits, local school districts, colleges and universities or foundations. Once again, American Innovators have applied technology to create a Win-Win opportunity for both the e-Retailers, organizations and institutions. They can refer their students, alumni, members and supporters to shop with those eRetailer’s website, who support them. The strategy of innovative technology helps increase eRetailer’s sales. (Win) In return, Charities and non profits organizations and institutions gain donations. (Win)

To learn more about Charity Change App’s technology and how you can get involved with supporting your local school district, non profit, college or foundation, Watch the Charity Change App Youtube Commercial or visit their website at

Get involved by spreading the word!