Black Men and Women Require a Systematic Marriage Training Program

Black Men and Women Require a Systematic Marriage Training Program

 When you want to create a societal change, it must be intentional and systematic.  Of course, Black Men need marriage!  Many just don’t know it, due to lack of role models that don’t demonstrate the benefits of marriage.  I’m not just referring to the sex, and that’s a major component of it.  I’m referring the physical, emotional and psychological health of connecting with the right person.  The pooling of two incomes in one house and the producing, nurturing and raising health productive children.  Our current education system has no incentive to do this for Black Folks.  Being paired with another person is the natural human state for all animals, including human beings.  With the lack of education, training and preparation program for Black Men and Women, such as a focus on completing an education that includes the option of job training or a college degree, relationship training, ethical and moral training, accountability and responsibility training, just to name a few, the Black Divorce Rate rate will continue to increase.  Couples have too many options to remain in a unhealthy marriage.


Black Folks must demand better leadership and accountability for solving our problems at every level of our society.  They must develop and implement a National Black Empowerment Plan similar to The Quiet Resolution (TQR) (Free Copy at, which has such an education and training program component.  Black Men operate on the knowledge that they have.  If we want them to do better, teach them better! 


Just my 2 cent.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO


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