The Art and Science of Getting Good WordPress Support

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Imagine this: it’s been a productive WordPress weekend. You’ve been busy puttering away on the new website you put together for your cat-lovers’ club and you’re pleased with the progress so far.

You found an adorable kitty-friendly theme, snagged a memorable site address, added some snazzy widgets in all the right places, and you’re finally ready to introduce your baby to the world.

But, wait! Just before making the site public, you notice that the header isn’t displaying your site title and tagline along with the header graphic.

Header without text

What could be causing the problem? You check under Settings General, but the title and tagline are there.

General Settings - Reading

You ask friends with WordPress sites to have a look but they have no idea how to fix it. You search the support documentation, to no avail. You’re truly stumped.

What now?

You remember that one of the reasons you chose to…

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Was Voting Rights A Trap For Black African Americans?

Was Voting Rights A Trap For Black African Americans?

Essay by

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


The Supreme Court voted against a provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 removing the chains from around the necks of 9 Pit Bulls. These mostly southern states are now free to help the “South Rise Again.” While most Black African Americans are consumed with whether Paula Dean called someone a nigger, the real racist implemented a successful strategy to attack and remove the teeth from the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  They are now planning a new offensive that will decrease Black Voting Rights Systematically. In my opinion, Voting Rights was a trap for Black African Americans because it created a false sense of security.  Here’s Why! Download the full essay for $0.99 at

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