Pre-Register for AHEC Service

Pre-Register for AHEC Service.



There is a new way that you can support Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a Cleantech Startup with a US Patent for a new type of Clean Hydro Power Plant that uses existing equipment and technology placed inside 70 Story Buildings and does not require a river or lake.  

Our innovative AHEC Power Plant generating process uses 40 Francis Turbine Generators, 8 more than China’s Three Gorges Dam, to provide all the power any nation or city would need.  It also solves Climate Change that’s related to Global Warming, by reducing the number of fossil fuel power plants globally.  Yes, there is a solution to Climate Change does exist right now! Visit our website to learn more and use the social media buttons to share this with your friends and followers.  

Please show your support by Pre-Registering: 1. If you believe in and would buy clean energy in your city, if it was available, 2. If you want to reduce your energy bill by 50%, 3. If you want to help create over 5,000 green jobs in your city and 4. If you believe that President Obama’s Energy Policy called “All The Above” should include AHEC’s innovative technology.  A list of Pre-Registered Customers would add greater value to AHEC and help attract potential qualified investors focused on cleantech and renewable energy.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


Columbus, Ohio USA