Do We Have A Compassionate President



Do We Have A Compassionate President?


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd 

President Obama has pardon more Thanksgiving Turkeys than Political Prisons, who were victims of the US Government’s Counter Intelligence Programs (CoIntelPro), started under FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  Even Russian President Putin had the courage to correct one of his mistakes this week by releasing a political prisoner.  Black African Americans were overwhelmingly the targets and victims of the US Government attacks under that program and President Obama should have the moral courage to address this historic injustice.  America needs leadership with solutions, integrity and courage, who won’t make excuse about who created the problems of this country, but will accept the responsibility and accountability of the President to address and solve them, without excuses, fear or greed.  To speak of Nelson Mandela, who was once a political prisoner and turn a blind eye to the US History and existing political prisoners is the greatest example of US Hypocrisy.  Where is the compassion for fellow human beings, who have suffered for more that 30 years in prison for demanding justice, fairness and civil rights in a democracy?  This is a clear opportunity for Presidential Leadership.  

Here’s A Solution: President Obama Should Issue an Executive Order Requiring Attorney General Eric Holder to establish a National Political Prisoner Review Process that grants Presidential Pardons and releases anyone convicted with the involvement of US Government Illegal Counter Intelligent Program (CoIntelPro): The criterial should include prisoners who are over 60 years old and having served more than 25 years in prison because of their political activities.   A failure to take action would demonstrate a lack of compassion for the suffering of other human beings like the late Nelson Mandela.


Black African American’s Dilemma???


Black African American’s Dilemma???

Why do Black African Americans lack the Moral Courage to collectively solve our problems without Greed or Fear?  Why do we accept excuses or make excuses for poor leadership from Black Appointed and Elected Leaders?  Despite having professional skills, knowledge and experience in almost every area of American Society, Black African Americans, collectively have Little Hope, No Change and our progress is Going Backwards. Our Collective Suffering and Poverty seems to be invisible to our leadership, despite having more Elected politicians than ever, more Churches than ever, more Civic and Social Organizations than ever?  

Are we collectively, truly a Weak Group of People, with a few shining stars?  I judge leadership by the condition of the people they represent.  Our standard for leadership should be: Someone elected or appointed who offers solutions to our problems and works to implement them without Fear, Greed or Excuses.  

I expect to get responses from the Usual Suspects. Those who have so call “made it” and blame others Black African Americans for “not making it.” Those who truly hate their own race. Those who care less about the suffering of their people, as long as it doesn’t affect their good job, their social status, or their immediate family. Those who feel Guilty for not trying to collectively address the problems facing their people, because they are afraid for their personal safety, due to continued surveillance and targeting by (FBI, NSA, HS, IRS, CIA & CoInTelPro) or they simply lack the Moral Courage to demand Accountability for our leadership.  Those who are conscious (Aware of Our Suffering and Poverty), but don’t know what to do and feel overwhelmed by the size of our problems. Those who want to defend their Black African American Elected or Appointed leaders, because others are attacking them because they are Black African Americans.   All points of view are welcome, but your collective action speaks louder.  

Below are a list of my companies with innovative technologies and solutions to make a difference in the lives of Black African Americans, this nation and the world. AHEC is a cleantech startup with a US Patent for a innovative type of Clean Power Plant designed inside 70 story buildings that can address Climate Change, create over 10,000 Green Manufacturing Jobs and meet the global demand for a cleaner, safer and cheaper source of power.  TQR, Inc. is a National Black Empowerment Plan that seeks to collectively uplift and empower Black African Americans by competing in the marketplace and recirculating profits., Inc. is a global social media free speech startup that values user’s privacy that Will Not allow governments, employers or potential employers to spy on what user’s share. Turtle Dragon is a Teacher Safety Shield designed to save school children and teachers’ lives during mass school shootings.  I welcome your feedback and support.

 My Call To Action: I believe in our collective ability to compete and solve our problems.  Do you? If you do, then support others engaged in collective actions, demand solutions and accountability from our leadership and when they refuse to even try, vote for change.  You must be willing to work to implement solutions that collectively address and solve Black African American People’s Problems or demand those who are not, get out of our way.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), Inc.

Turtle Dragon (Teacher Safety Shield)