Politician Hate Poor Children and Their Families


Politicians Hate Poor Children and Their Families
Charles E. Campbell, Author, Entrepreneur and Compassionate Human Being

The 2014 Farm Bill cuts Food Stamps to Poor Children and their families. This is unethical, unjust and immoral. It demonstrates a strong hatred of The Poor by all Politicians who voted for this Bill and a President who plans to sign it. When we allow the this mean spirited hatred to happen to The Poor, rest assured that whatever category you think you are in, will become the next targeted group.

Americans must have the moral courage to stand up to Congress and The President in defense of Poor Children and their Families. America had an illusion of caring for The Poor, but now it is all out War On The Poor! That is not Okay! This Farm Bill pays over 60% of the Farmer’s Insurance premiums against losses. It then attacks The Poor, the one group who can not afford to Pay2Play (Lobby) in the Obama Administration and Congress.

It takes moral courage to speak up against a Congress and President who thinks that it’s okay to “Bully and Starve” Poor Children by cutting Food Stamps. While Congress and The President think that Great Recession is over, many Poor Americans are struggle with a Great Depression and cutting Food Stamps will only increase their suffering and need to do anything legal or illegal to feed themselves and their children. Congress doesn’t givea dam, but I’m surprised that President Obama, after giving an inspiring speech about income inequality plans to sign the Farm Bill. He threaten to veto any new bill imposing new sanctions on Iran, but it’s okay to cut Food Stamps for Poor Children and their families. What the hell did Poor Children and Families do to Congress and President Obama to be attacked and so hated. Actions Speak Louder than State Of The Union Speeches. President Obama has truly embraced his “Lame Duck” Status and have no fight left in him or at least not for Poor Children and Families. How’s that for Hope, Change and Forward!



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