Whouter.com Relaunched



Dear Friends, Family, Brothers, Sisters and Associates:

I am relaunching my Realtime Free Speech Microblogging Platform called Whouter at http://www.Whouter.com.  It was create as a safe place for adults to share their thoughts, ideas and rants without fear of being spied on or monitored by their government, fired by their employers, or denied a jobs by companies viewing your social media.  @Whouter, we don’t require your name or email or any personal data to register.  We Value Your Privacy!

 It’s free to register and whout (share) a 280 Character Text Message with a Photo.  You can also download the Free Whouter Mobile Apps from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad and from Android’s Google Play Store from my website. http://wbsinccd.tripod.com/mylotteryapp   Click the Google Play Badge or the “Available Now Free” link for Apple’s App Store.

You can also upgrade for $1.98 to add that ability to Record and Whout a 10 Second Audio Whout and Record and Whout a 15 Second Video. 

 I need your feedback to make any necessary changes to improve our technology.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Please email, share with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four Square, MySpace, Blog, Newsletters and other Social Networks.  Help me spread the word about Whouter!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Whouter.com, Inc.




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