Are Black African Americans Better Off Now, After Re-electing President Obama?

Corrected Spelling Errors from Previous Blog Post – My Apology, I was in a rush.

Are Black African Americans Better Off Now, After Re-electing President Obama?

President Obama lacks the moral courage to stand up and provide justice for Black African Americans who can’t afford to “Pay To Play” or lobby his administration.  He is an excellent politicians who has mastered the art of political games and he gives great speeches. He never campaigned to solve any problems facing Black African American People, who were his base of supporter. Because of this “Benign Neglect,” policies toward Black African Americans, he might turn out to be the worst President of the last 100 years.  At least George W. Bush was not the smartest US President, but he never really pretended to be anything else. Obama played on Black African American’s emotions for real “Hope For Change”. It was a brilliant political strategy!

Our group’s chronic suffering continues and we are confused as to whether we should criticize or protect him, by remaining silent about our collective suffering. One Prime Examples: HBO Weekly Documentary Show called VICE, showed how the US Coast Guard help BP spray dispersants (a toxic poison) to break up oil that is now sickening and killing people in the gulf states. President Obama is ignoring their elected representative request for help, which he is very good at doing. VICE also showed why some Yemen Freedom Fighters hate Americans: America is supplying the cluster bombs that are killing men, women and their children. The leftover and unexploded Cluster Bomb materials clearly have “Made In USA” stamped on them.
Additionally, the NSA continues spying on All American Citizens: The PBS “Frontline Documentary on Secrets Part I and II” show the corrupt nature of government of the last two administrations. President Obama is a constitutional lawyer and promised to end those unconstitutional spying programs if elected, but after being elected, he lack the moral courage to do so and even increase their usage by spying on All American Citizens without a warrant with to the cooperation of congressional leaders.  The one thing that congress and the president could agree on is the spying on its citizens. Don’t forget the $780 Billion Dollars is Stimulus funding given to banks and corporations. His friends like Solyndra Solar Founders who contributed to the President’s election campaign received $535 Million Dollars to make solar panels. The company filed bankruptcy one year later. When have Black African American Companies ever got that kind of access to federal, state, county or city funds? Never, despite being just as innovative and hard working. President Obama is following the unwritten racist policies of denying economic access to Black African Americans.
Even though Obama Care is now working, his administration paid one company over $400 Million Dollars to create a failed website that any group of computer science students could have created for less than 5 million dollars. How much did that company have to contribute (Paid To Play) to get such a reward. Black African American Students, as a collective group, are still failing and his administration has done nothing to close the High School and College Achievement and Graduation Gap, despite pockets of success.

I respect the President, but differ with the results of his leadership and his lack of moral courage to do what is right, ethical, moral, just and fair on behalf of Black African American People, who are directly responsible for his rise out of Chicago. Under his leadership, the rich continued to get richer and the poor have gotten poorer. This is the legacy that he is creating and will be remembered for. That is not a legacy he should want, but if he doesn’t find some moral courage soon, it will be his become his reality.
The one thing that I would ask of the President on behalf of Black African Americans is to issue an Executive Order, removing all counterintelligence programs developed in the 1960s by J. Edger Hoover’s FBI and still in use today under Eric Holder Justice Department, designed to destabilize, disrupt, suppress, incarcerate or even assassinate Black African Americans Leaders, who have the courage to advocate for their people.  This Executive Order should include a pardon for all political prisoners falsely convicted under Counter Intelligence Program (CoIntelPro) and pay them reparations for their incarceration, pain and suffering.  This I know he lacks the moral courage to do this, but he can’t say that no one asked him to do it or he wasn’t aware that it was an issue for Black African Americans under his administration.

Finally, President Obama is not the only example of Poor Black Leadership. We have more Black Politicians, Preachers and Civil Rights Leaders than almost any other group. The condition of our people is directly linked to their poor leadership. They are weak and also lack the moral courage to lead or demand anything be done on behalf of the Black African American People they represent. Columbus Ohio has a three term Black African American Mayor who has presided over a city that spend millions redesigning its downtown, but ignores a Black African American Infant Mortality Rate that is more than twice the national average. This is but one example of Black Mayors, City Council Members, County Commissions and Preachers all across this nation, who should be ashamed of their leadership. Yet they are praised as great examples of Black Leadership and held up as a model of leadership for other Black African Americans. They have been groomed to be safe and none demanding of resources and economic solutions that would advance the interest of their people.
It is Black African American People’s responsibility to demand representation, resources and solutions to address and solve our problems. If left alone by our own government, we have to ability, resources and education to come together to solve our own problems. Like most Black African Americans, who are not drunk off the wine of Obama Gin and Juice (Mesmerized By A Black Face In The Highest Place), we must focus on creating our own economic and social empowerment. To do so, we need a National Black Empowerment Plan like The Quiet Resolution or PowerNomics written by Dr. Claud Anderson of The Harvest Institute, a Washington DC based Black Think Tank. Our enemies’ goal is to maintain racist policies at every level of society that have kept Black African Americans in our current status.

Are Black African Americans better off in 2014, after having elected and re-electing President Barack Obama? I personally think not, when I examine the data or Black African American’s Poverty Rates, Income Inequality, Education Outcomes, Unemployment Rates, Infant Mortality Rates, Access to Business Capital, Health Rates, Access To Federal, State, County and City Funding for Economic Development, Home Ownership Rates, Incarceration Rates, Community Violence Rates, Number of Children In Foster Care, and Divorce Rates, ect, ect, etc. This data should help you answer this question. The entire world is judging President Obama by how he treats his own people and he doesn’t seem to realize it or doesn’t care. He can request billions for Israel, Poland and other countries, but has no such request to address and solve Black African American Problems. Leadership Solves Problems Without Fear or Excuses!

Charles E. Campbell, LSW, MSW, CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
The Quiet Resolution, (TQR, Inc.)
Whouter. com, Inc.


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