Hands Up or Down! Doesn’t Matter! Will Be Shot or Choked, If Black!

Hands Up or Down! Doesn’t Matter! Will Be Shot or Choked, If Black!
http://youtu.be/j-P54MZVxMU Watch This Video:
Death By White Cop

Death By Cop over 2 Sodas / Pops! When life become unbearable by young Black Men or then have a mental breakdown or for no reason at all, White Police will kill them. This Young Black Man walked into a store, open drinks and went outside and waited for the cops. He didn’t run or follow their commands. He wanted to die and knew White Cops would kill him and they did.

Black Life is Worthless in America to politicians who have failed to address the economic suffering and poverty of Black African American Men. This has created an atmosphere where White Cops can kill Black Men and get away with it. This is happening all over America! Poor Black Leadership from The White House to local cities have refused to offer any economic solutions or advocate for those of us who are trying to create jobs and empowerment. You can’t feed your family on Hope and Change and no access to Stimulus Funding!

Is “Tare Shit Up” the only way to get Black Leaders to offer solutions to Poor Black Folks. Incarcerate or kill Black Men is Not Acceptable, and Rev. Sharton, Mr. Moral, Rev. Jackson and Min. Farrakhan aren’t implementing economic strategies or demanding that the Obama Administration do so to address economic needs of a new generation of Black Folks. We Need A Plan for our own Uplift and Empowerment and if they won’t help us, then they should get out of our way. http://wbsinccd.tripod.com/thequietresolutiontqr The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) Police Violence is no substitute, when Black Men want Jobs and Economic Opportunity. Don’t let Ferguson Missouri be a waisted opportunity.

Actions President Obama and Black African American Leaders Should Take:

President Obama Should Authorize the US Treasury to Allocate $20 Billion Dollars A Month For Black African American Economic Development Program through local banks available to community base economic development initiative and startups that create jobs and businesses until our unemployment and economic and social conditions improve to the level of White Americans.

President Obama Should Sign an Executive Order requiring and paying for Wearable Police Cameras, Dash Cameras in Police Cars and cameras on police weapons.

President Obama Should Sign an Executive Order requiring a non-lethal response when no gun is used by an innocent citizens and terminate and prosecute all police officers who violate that federal policy.

President Obama Should Authorized the US Treasury to Allocate $20 Billion Dollars A Month For Poverty Reduction programs and require transparency and real-time data be posted online for all to see. Who gets funding, employed and access to funds by race and gender.

President Obama Should Sign an Executive Order to dismantle all Counter Intelligence Programs (CoIntelPro) spying and targeting Good Black Leaders and Community Activist who have the moral courage to help their community.

President Obama Should Sign an Executive Order Authorizing the US Treasury to create a fund that makes available $200 Billion Dollar in Reparations for Black African Americans who are the descendants of enslaved Black Africans Americans Citizens specifically for race-based economic, social, educational and medical, legal uplift and empowerment.

Black African American Politicians, Religious and Civil Leaders should propose and implement economic base solutions to Black African American People or resign their position. If they refuse, Black African American People should not support them in any way.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Rest In Peace R.I.P. App

I have a new app available on Android Platform called Rest In Peace R.I.P.. It lets you remember family and friends who have died. You can upload their photo, voice recording or song and a video of them. You can set a specific date or holiday to get a reminder that will display their picture, song m voice or video.  

Check it out and give me your feedback. The Cost is $1.99.  I plan to have an iPhone version ready soon.  Your feedback will help me make it even better.  It would be helpful if you copy the link and place it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and emailed it to people you know.  Thank you in advance for your support.



Charles E. Campbell 

Pimped Out To Hope & Change

Black African Americans must Wake Up and make the connection to what is systematically happening in America to Black People and their Communities like Benton Harbor, Michigan http://voiceofdetroit.net/2014/05/10/rev-edward-pinkney-marcus-muhammad-battle-whirlpool-for-benton-harbor-pinkney-court-hearing-may-30/. We have poor leadership that doesn’t care what happens to us and refuses to solve our problems. Examine the data and outcomes on poor Black Leadership and Racist Policies designed to destroy us. Their strategy is “Black Faces In High Places”, which confuses Black Folks like a deer in head lights in the middle of the highway. They think that the Black Leaders have our best interest in heart. What have we been smoking?

In reality, these Black Politicians have done little or nothing to change the policies or redirect taxes toward an empowerment strategy. They lack the moral courage required for leadership. Black Faces In High Places is a brilliant strategy! It’s better than the old strategy of “Divide and Conquer” or “Benign Neglect, which pretended that our problems didn’t exist.

Wake Up Black African American People! Put down the Obama Juice that’s got us color blind and pimped out to Hope & Change.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO, Inventor and Entrepreneur
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The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) http://wbsinccd.tripod.com/thequietresolutiontqr
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Please Become A Better President and Leader!


Please Become A Better President and Leader!

Associate Press(AP) Headline Obama says after 9-11, US ‘tortured some folks’: This is another example of a president who lacks the moral courage to lead with integrity and honesty. This is not what Americans voted for! It’s a continuation of the Bush Administration’s Bad Policies and cover-ups. Where is the accountability? President Obama is protecting those who broke the law, while continuing and ignoring policies that have locked up over 2 million American Citizens. By doing so, he is supporting a new Prison Industrial Complex that profits from incarcerating mostly nonviolent offenders. Is this fair, just or right?

Like it or not, we need better leadership that can help solve economic and social problems. We don’t need leaders who are masters at playing political blame games or giving inspiring speeches. For example, President Obama should have been vetoed The US Farm Bill, now Law, which cut funds to the Food Stamps Program. That law is mean spirited because it intentionally hurt needy families and their children, while rewarding farmers and agriculture based corporations. That was a clear example of immoral and unethical leadership. George W. Bush was not much better, but at least he never pretended to be or tried to inspire HOPE or CHANGE.

President Obama must find the moral and ethical courage to solve problems without fear or excuses or his Presidential Legacy will reflect the sentiments of his current political approval ratings. I offer these seven ideas to him, his administration and political consultants, if he wants to become a better president and leader.

7 Ideas for President Obama to Implement:
1. Direct the Treasury Department to restore the funding to the Food Stamp Programs.
2. Pardon and release all political and nonviolent Prisoners
3. Create financial rewards and invite citizens to offer ideas that solve federal problems
4. Stop rewarding Political Campaign Contributors like Solyndra Solar with federal contracts
5. Direct the Treasury Department to make $100 Billion Dollars Available to local small startups and existing businesses through local banks in every county in America. Create a public website to report loans to ensure transparency and fair access by all groups, based on the ideas, number of potential local new jobs to be created, industry sector and percentage of the county’s racial population.
6. Direct the Treasury Department, Labor Department, Commerce Department and Transportation Department to create a public/private partnership that designs and implement a new and innovative National High Speed Rail Transportation System. Invite ideas and proposals through a transparent and open process that doesn’t not reward insiders or campaign contributors.
7. Create an Economic Empowerment and Transitional Initiative that gives Middle Class and Poor Individuals and Families 2 year residency funded by the Treasury Department. It should include housing, job training, food assistance, education, child care, businesses and life skills training in a single 50 Story High Rise Building in each Metropolitan City.


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Inventor, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)