Please Become A Better President and Leader!


Please Become A Better President and Leader!

Associate Press(AP) Headline Obama says after 9-11, US ‘tortured some folks’: This is another example of a president who lacks the moral courage to lead with integrity and honesty. This is not what Americans voted for! It’s a continuation of the Bush Administration’s Bad Policies and cover-ups. Where is the accountability? President Obama is protecting those who broke the law, while continuing and ignoring policies that have locked up over 2 million American Citizens. By doing so, he is supporting a new Prison Industrial Complex that profits from incarcerating mostly nonviolent offenders. Is this fair, just or right?

Like it or not, we need better leadership that can help solve economic and social problems. We don’t need leaders who are masters at playing political blame games or giving inspiring speeches. For example, President Obama should have been vetoed The US Farm Bill, now Law, which cut funds to the Food Stamps Program. That law is mean spirited because it intentionally hurt needy families and their children, while rewarding farmers and agriculture based corporations. That was a clear example of immoral and unethical leadership. George W. Bush was not much better, but at least he never pretended to be or tried to inspire HOPE or CHANGE.

President Obama must find the moral and ethical courage to solve problems without fear or excuses or his Presidential Legacy will reflect the sentiments of his current political approval ratings. I offer these seven ideas to him, his administration and political consultants, if he wants to become a better president and leader.

7 Ideas for President Obama to Implement:
1. Direct the Treasury Department to restore the funding to the Food Stamp Programs.
2. Pardon and release all political and nonviolent Prisoners
3. Create financial rewards and invite citizens to offer ideas that solve federal problems
4. Stop rewarding Political Campaign Contributors like Solyndra Solar with federal contracts
5. Direct the Treasury Department to make $100 Billion Dollars Available to local small startups and existing businesses through local banks in every county in America. Create a public website to report loans to ensure transparency and fair access by all groups, based on the ideas, number of potential local new jobs to be created, industry sector and percentage of the county’s racial population.
6. Direct the Treasury Department, Labor Department, Commerce Department and Transportation Department to create a public/private partnership that designs and implement a new and innovative National High Speed Rail Transportation System. Invite ideas and proposals through a transparent and open process that doesn’t not reward insiders or campaign contributors.
7. Create an Economic Empowerment and Transitional Initiative that gives Middle Class and Poor Individuals and Families 2 year residency funded by the Treasury Department. It should include housing, job training, food assistance, education, child care, businesses and life skills training in a single 50 Story High Rise Building in each Metropolitan City.


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Inventor, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


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