Potential Cure For Ebola

eBola Disease

Potential Cure For Ebola
Due to lack of good leadership by President Obama, more Americans are at risk. The CDC lied about how prepared this country was and is for Ebola. Congress should immediately vote to confirm a US Surgeon General to take charge of this effort.

Africans and Black African Americans are at greater risk due to unequal treatment and historical racist policies. I’ve tried to offer the UN, The Obama Administration, WHO and African Leaders and propose a potential cure for Ebola, but despite them having no cure and few treatments, they refused to contact me. I’m using social media to share the potential cure with anyone who will listen.

Potential Cure: It is a science fact that Ultraviolet Light can kill viruses. It’s used in water treatment plants. I am proposing that the US Gov’t modify Airport Body Scanners to emit Ultraviolet Light capable of penetrating the human body to kill the Ebola Virus and other viruses within the human body. If the US Gov’t has a better idea, then they should try it, but if they don’t and refuse to consider what I’m offering them, shame!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


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