Do Poor South Africans Have A Right To Be Angry and Violent?

Dam Right! South African People have a right to be angry, but not a White Immigrants.  Black South Africans have controlled South Africa for over 20 years now.  The people should be upset with their lack of competent Elected Black Leadership, who has failed miserably in their responsibility to uplift and empower their people.

South African President, Jacob Zuma Should:
1.Contact Me and Consider my Company’s offer to create 10,000 manufacturing job in South African by Manufacturing Hydro Power Plants. Allen Hydro Energy Corporation

2. Consider Offering Dual Citizenship to Black African Americans willing to engage in 50-50 Partnerships with South Africans to start new technology, Biotech, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Automobile Manufacturing, Construction and Multimedia Companies. By streamlining the Dual Citizenship Process and offering government investment will unleash a level of innovation unseen in the world in human history.
3. By Creating a Transparent Government, trust will be restored.  By recording all non-security related meetings at the local, regional and national level and streaming them in real-time (live) over the internet, trust will be restored.
4. Create a National Transparency Security Agency that operate undercover to test public and business officials to see if they are willing to be corrupted or are engaging in corruption.  End American Style Pay To Play!
5. Develop a national focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Law. Construct a (Free) 2 Year University that prepare students in those core areas.  I can offer creative strategies to cover the annual cost through taxes, donations and the elimination of corruption and fraud.

Finally, these are a few of the innovative ideas that President Zuma should consider implementing, if he has the moral courage to lead his people.  There are thousands Black African Americans, including myself, who are ready and willing to assist South African in this effort.  Leadership solves problems without fear or greed!


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA


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