Stop Rape App – A Solution To Sexual Assaults and Rapes On College Campuses

Stop Rape App 512 x 512

Dear College and University President:

Sexual assault and rapes of female students on college campuses is a national crisis. Despite years of poor academic leadership, the problem is growing. While lawmakers are crafting legislation to reform Title IX, women need a solution that can be implemented immediately. Sexual violence has devastating, life-long effects on students and their families. Sexual violence also threatens the integrity and reputation of colleges and universities, who would rather hide behind a process that is unjust and unfair to victims that expose a behavior that is criminal.

My name is Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Entrepreneur and App Developer of the “Stop Rape App” created to prevent women on college campuses and the military from being sexually assaulted and raped. Stop Rape App offers an innovative solution in the form of an app for Google Wearables and the Apple Watch called Stop Rape App. When turned on, it can be voice activated by key words and will send text alerts to family or friends and the local police at the start of an attack. It automatically calls 911 and uses the device’s camera to record and stream live video to a secure server that can only be accessed by registered local campus or city or Military Police. It’s currently available for purchase on the GooglePlay Store for Google Wearables and is currently being reviewed by Apple for their Apple Watch.

Your college or university should provide every female student enrolled on your campus with the Stop Rape App to ensure their safety. The Stop Rape App should be explained to all students and I believe it will reduce and eventually eliminate all sexual assaults and rapes on your campus and provide video evidence that makes it easy to prosecute rapist hiding among your student population.

Please contact me to discuss how the Stop Rape App can stop sexual assault and rape on your campus. I’m asking that your college or university purchase and provide the Stop Rape App to all enrolled female students. When women don’t feel safe on your college campus, they won’t enroll there. As President of your college or university, you have the responsibility to demonstrate good leadership without fear or excuses. The Stop Rape App offers a technology to end Sexual Assaults and Rapes on your campus. Are you a good leader?


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068