Is It A Conspiracy?


Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) has a US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 entitle “Hydroelectric Power System” issued on Mar. 19, 2013 for a new type of large-scale hydro power plant designed inside 70-Story Buildings capable of solving Climate Change. Despite AHEC’s ability to create 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the US, The Obama Administration (The White House, DOD, DOE, EPA & DOC) refuses to communicate with its Founder & CEO. Maybe the next President Of The United States will be open to Black African American Innovators offering solutions. AHEC’s Power Plant Technology offer a win-win-win solution for nations, their people and the planet, so what’s the problems? Could the Obama Administration be opposed to too much wealth in the hands of one Black African American Entrepreneur? You be the judge and ask your elected congress person, if they know about AHEC’s Climate Change Solution. This disruptive technology is to DIE for! We can and must compete without Fear Of Our Own Government or Greed!


Black Women Murdered In Texas Jail After A Traffic Stop

Sandra Bland

                              Sandra Bland

Wow! I suspect that Sandra Bland was murdered in Texas!  It’s Still Open Season on Black African Americans All Over this Country, but especially in the South! This shit has got to stop! President Obama must have the moral courage to issue an Executive Order that Investigates and removes all federal funding from Law Enforcement Department found guilty of racially profiling and murdering Black African Americans. A Traffic Ticket led a Sandra Bland’s Death in America in 2015. Tell her what a Post Racial America we living in. Then they immediately tried to cover it up, by claiming suicide? Black Folks Don’t Commit Suicide In The South! Racist White Cops Kill Black People and the system covers it up. Like Lynchings of Old! Was its payback for that racist flag being taken down?