$100 Million US Powerball Jackpot

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$100 Million Dollars US Powerball Jackpot Drawing This Saturday 11/28/15. Live Anywhere in the World including Mississippi and Alabama and Order A Ticket at http://www.pbgogetter.com

We will Go Get it for you and send you an invoice by text and email with an image of your ticket with the numbers clearly displayed. If you Win! We will pay for your travels to get your original ticket to claim your Jackpot! http://www.pbgogetter.com

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$90 Million US Powerball Lottery

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The US Poweball Lottery Jackpot Drawing is Tonight (Wednesday November 25, 2015) worth $90 Million US Dollars.
Now No Matter Where You Live In the US or the World, You Can Order a Powerball Ticket and PBGoGetter will go get it for you for a small $7 fee plus the price of each ticket.

We Email and Text you an Invoice with your Ticket Displayed.