President Obama’s Dog & Pony Show

Today was a sad and pathetic display and a poor attempt at Presidential Leadership. 

President Obama could have considered the NonLethal Bullet Gun Violence Solution, I offered which would solve Gun Violence in America, if he had the moral courage of a leader.  Sadly he does not.

Communities should have the ability to Vote to restrict the use of lethal bullets in their community, city, county or state. They could vote for a $0.01 sales tax and a $0.05 property tax to fund a free NonLethal for Lethal Bullet Exchange Program. This vote would provide an exemption for licensed hunters with specific hunting rifles and create stiffer penalties for homicidal individuals who use lethal bullets to kill other human beings. 

My solution was sent to President Obama and his Administration after Sandy Hook Massacre and if he was serious about American Gun Violence, he would have contact me to discuss my innovative solution since he has no clue of how to solve American Gun Violence, but he did not, so the “crocodile tears” he displayed today are a show for the media, who are also complicit in ignoring the solution I proposed.  Shame on President Obama and the Media for the “Dog and Pony Show” while American Citizens die every day from Gun Violence. 

I stand ready to help President Obama, but he is too dam arrogant to listen to an innovative Black Man like myself, who has no interest in Obama Worship, but care about solving social, economic and human problems. Translation: (I’m not interested in kissing his ass or a photo) Real Talk!


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