Black Inventor Offers A Service That Innovates the US Powerball

Black Inventor Offers A Service That Innovates the US Powerball

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Reynoldsburg, Ohio—The US Powerball drawing for Saturday will be worth $675 million dollars. However, millions of Americans who live in Mississippi, Alabama, Utah and Nevada can not purchase a Powerball Lottery Ticket, unless they travel out of state. That’s the problem that Charles E. Campbell has solved with his innovative Web Application It provides a “Go Getter Service” for those who can not purchase their own lottery ticket. It generates an Invoice that is printed and taken to a Powerball Retailer, where the Powerball Lottery Ticket is purchased, then attached to the Invoice. The Invoice is sent to customers by email and text. This service cost $7, plus the cost of the $3 Powerball Ticket. It’s that simple!

If the customer wins, his company will pay the winner’s travel expenses to collect the original Invoice with original Powerball Lottery Ticket. No matter where you live in the world, you should have the right to Order a Powerball Lottery Ticket.

Charles E. Campbell is a Black African American Social Worker, Inventor and Entrepreneur, who has developed innovative solutions to climate change, gun violence and weather related droughts.


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