Black Innovator Takes US Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Global

PB GoGetter Post Card
Black Innovator Takes US Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Global


Billions of People around the world and in the US can now order a US Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Ticket thanks to Charles E. Campbell, a Black African American Innovator and Entrepreneur. Despite the Obama Administration denial of a $2 Million Dollar Stimulus Grant for an innovative Hydro Power Plant designed inside a 70-story building that offers a solution to Climate Change. Instead his administration, in a Pay-To-Play Corrupt Kickback Schemes, gave Solyndra Solar $535 Million Dollars to make solar panels.  One year later, Solyndra Solar then filed bankruptcy and the American Taxpayers lost $535 Million Dollars.

I am determined to keep building innovative and disruptive technology that improve the conditions of Black African American People and advance our humanity. Hopefully, 2017 will bring new Presidential leadership with the moral courage to stop racist policies and practice that discriminate against Black African American Innovators and Entrepreneurs, as it relates to accessing federal funds, like White Entrepreneurs have always had access to.

Black African Americans pay taxes and vote, but we get little, if any, federal dollars reinvested in our inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, who are trying to create jobs and economic development for our communities.  President Obama can keep his eloquent speeches, I would have preferred Stimulus Investment that could have me helped create 10,000 Manufacturing Jobs. As President Obama approach the end of his second presidential term, Black African Americans got neither HOPE, nor CHANGE.  Black African American Entrepreneurs Got Played!

The current US Powerball is worth $80 Million USD and US Mega Millions Jackpot is worth $25 Million Dollars. Now you can Order a Powerball and a Mega Millions Lottery Ticket.


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