Black Inventor Seeks To Enter Google’s Lunar X Prize Competition and Win




Black Inventor Seeks To Enter  Google’s Lunar X Prize Competition and Win

My name is Charles E. Campbell. I am a Black African American Inventor, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Electronic Engineer Student. Google created the Google Lunar X (Moon Shot) Challenge and I’m just now hearing about it today. I’ve asked Google to participate and I plan to forum a team to add diversity to Google’s Lunar X Challenge.
The prize is $30- $40 Million Dollars. I plan to create a Corporation name Dark Matter, Inc. and win the Google Lunar X Prize by December 2016. I am inviting Engineers, Scientist, Ex-NASA and Ex-Boeing Employees, Investors and Sponsors to join my team.

The Dark Matter, Inc. Team will all share the Prize Equally without Fear or Greed. All I ask is that you bring your skills and innovation to the table, becasue I already have the Idea and Plan!

The Challenge is to get to the Moon, land and travel 500 meters, while streaming video back to Earth. Simple! If you are ready to innovate space travel contact me

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068


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