Happy Memorial Day America


Happy Memorial Day

My father served in WWII, but after the war was over, he never got the opportunity afforded other White Veterans. The greatest geneation continued a legacy of discrimination and racism in America after defeating racists in Germany.

War at the highest level is about fear, greed and population control of the poor and useless population that a society refuses to fully integrate into its economy, society and government.

White Supremacy continues to dictate the agenda of Benign Neglect (Ignore Black People and their problems) in America, even with a Black, no, Biracial President in office.

Black African Americans rewarded him twice with the US Presidency and he has done nothing specifically to stop the Mass Incarceration of Blacks which started by Former President Bill Clinton(The First Black President).

He has done nothing stop the unarmed murder of Blacks by Law Enforcement.

He continues a legacy of COINTELLPRO by survailling of Black Organizations like Black Lives Matter, TQR, Inc and others engaged in our own uplift and empowerment. When Pres. Obama was doling out Federal Stimulus Funds to White Companies like Solyndra Solar and Tesla, how many Black African American Entreprneurs did he deny and give similar amounts of funding to?

As a people, we deserve better! The solution is to demand a PLAN for our uplift and empowerment like the one I created “The Quiet Resolution (TQR, nc.)” http://www.tqrinc.com

The Era of the Dream is Over! Demand A Plan!

Life is a contact sport, and you are on a team whether you know it or not. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Solution To End All War

Solution To End All War:

Guarantee the security of all nations on the Planet by Implementing A Global Treaty that simply states that “An attack on Any Country Is An Attack on All Countries”.

All Nations Are Automatically Members of this Global Treaty.

Then we need a Global Initiative to focus the human Race: All Countries work together to build an International Space Station for Settlements of Mars and the Moon,

Construct Three Global Space Stations in the orbits of 1. Earth 2. Uranus 3. Mars
Plan to settle 100 million people in Space, Mars and the Moon. Volunteers Only: 10% of each Race, Gender, Age Group, Ethnicity, Nation’s Population.

To Fund This: Create a Global Online Raffle App: Provide Every Citizen on the Planet An Internet Connect Tablet. Sale $1 Raffle Tickets:
One Ticket is selected from Every Country and the winner receives $1 Million Dollars Equivalent in their nation’s currency.

It takes courage to advance the human race beyond fear and greed and I can’t not name any Major Countries that has leadership with the moral courage to do this. They are corrupt and greedy and serve the interest of the wealth elite and those who profit from war and suffering. They will not stop without something better. Give them a financial interest in the wealth generated from Space Exploration and if they refuse to accept such a deal, give them life liberation. Carrot? or Stick?

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)