Obama Clinton Campaign

Those Black African Americans and Poor who are considering voting for Hilary Clinton should remember that it was her husband’s administration that devastated Blacks and the poor.
Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill lead to the Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans and the Poor. President Obama proposed no policies to reverse this.

Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform lead to the Child Support Criminalization of Blacks and the Poor. President Obama did nothing to change this policy.

If you want to continue these type of policies, vote for Obama/Clinton, but if you are tired of having your children and grandchildren targeted for mass incarceration, child support enforcement and other racist policies, then vote for Bernie Sanders.

Don’t trust President Obama, who has done nothing even with his “Executive Order” Power to uplift or empower Black African Americans and the poor. 

Hilary Clinton is an extension of her husband’s thinking who was the Biggest Wolf in Sheep Clothing I’ve ever seen. She never objected to what he was doing.

The Federal Block Grant Program allowed states to redirect federal dollars away from Poverty Programs that helped Black African Americans and Poor People.

No one respects Black African Americans, because Black Leaders are weak, unethical and can easily be corrupted or bought by Big Money Campaign Contributions. Black Politicians do nothing to address the suffering of their own people.

Black Voters will reelect Black Politicians over and over, who never solve their problems. We lack the ability to recognize that as being “Brainwashed”.

Vote for Bernie Sanders! Because an Apology for the devastating policies of Bill Clinton is not enough! Pres. Obama knew what the problems hurting our community were when he ran for & was elected and reelected President and he did nothing.
That will be his legacy. A coward who was too afraid to stand up for a people that help him become President of the US.
Wake Up! Demand Justice!

Democrats have done more at the federal level to hurt Black African Americans and the Poor than Republicans when you look at the policies, but they both consider Blacks and the Poor an obsolete labor force worthy of posing through lead in drinking water, injecting Mercury into new born and mass incarceration as youth and adults.

Republicans at the State Levels operate without fear from the federal government and implement policies that harm us.  They are equal opportunity oppressors of Black African Americans and the poor.

Nuff Said!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR.Inc)  http://www.tqrinc.com


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