The White House Sambo

The White Hoyse

The White House Sambo
C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Black People’s Hope For Change is Dead,
Put a Sambo in The White House who was Skead.

Great Speeches He learn to Orate,
Sambo could even sing a spiritual to mask his Hate.

When Blacks asks him to stop Police Brutality,
He staged a “Beer Summit” as a Formality.

When Black Children in Flint begged for Clean Water,
His Attorney General and EPA told them “Not To Bother.”

In 2009, Black Mass Incarceration was “Off Da Chain”,
The White House Sambo said “Take off your bedroom slippers, Don’t Complain”.

He gave away Billions in Stimulus to White Boys who could “Pay To Play”,
Black Innovators got regret letters, stating “Not Today.”

Obama Care was supposed to be the jewel in his Legacy Crown,
Turns out the Insurance Companies watered health care Down.

American Mass Shootings Increased under his Reign,
He Ignored a Nonlethal Bullet Solution, instead said he felt the Family’s Pain.

Ended one war in Iraq, but attacked Libya Instead,
Should Revoke his Nobel Peace Prize based on the number of Dead.

The White House Sambo was a symbol of Black Pride,
His Swag Fooled us all, but never was he on the Black Folk’s Side.

Black Children, See the example of what you should not want to Be,
An Intellectually Brilliant Sambo, who hates You and Me.

The White House Sambo’s Black Legacy will be remembered as a Mess,
When he leaves, he will not have been an Example of our Very Best!

For all y’all Black Sambo Lovers blinded and hurt by my Truth,
Keep Claiming him as yours, but where was John Wilks Booth?


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