No Thank You Valerie Jarrett!


Dear Valerie Jarrett:

You have done a great dis-service to Black African Americans as an advisor to President Obama. He is viewed as a coward by most Black African Americans, because he refused to do anything during his presidency to address the suffering and oppression of Black African Americans. He gave us speeches, while redistributing stimulus and federal funds inequitably to Whites. His legacy will be one that allowed the Rich to get Richer and the Poor to get Poorer. He did nothing about the Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans or the racist criminal justice system targeting Blacks for monetary gains. He did nothing about the poisoning of Black Children in Flint, MI, when his Justice Department knew about it two years before it became national news. After his presidency, Black African Americans have neither Hope nor Positive Change! You are partly responsible for this. I refused to watch the ABC Special Town Hall Meeting tonight, because it’s more of the same. All talk, but no solutions.

Here a solution you can share with him. Have him sign an Executive Order tomorrow, requiring the US Department of Justice to investigate any shooting of Unarmed Black African Americans. I doubt if you or he have the moral courage to do this.

Black African Americans Entrepreneurs need access to investment capital to fund our businesses in order to create employment for our people. No more non-economic solutions or speeches. The Quiet Resolution is one of my startups seeking to help solve the many issues facing Black African Americans. To fund it, I started a renewable energy company that offers a solution to climate change, which the President and his Administration has repeatedly ignored. Marching and protesting is a fail strategy and civil rights leaders have not lead to solutions. Shame on them all! Shame on you!

I have no time for egos, so if you and President Obama want solutions to many of the problems facing this nation, then contact me. However if you and he want to go on vacation for the last few months of his presidency, then let’s not waste each other’s time and energy.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
The Quiet Resolution, Inc.


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