Dear Poor Black African Americans 


Dear Poor Black African Americans:

Black Folks have gotten nothing from President Obama but speeches. The poor have gotten Poorer and the Rich have gotten Richer under his leadership. Our schools are failing, mass incarceration continues, police are shooting unarmed Black Men and Women, Black Youth Unemployment is over 50% and many have given up on work. In 7.5 years as President, he never once supported a cost of living raise for Social Security Benefits for seniors surviving on fixed income in poverty. 

He advocated for other groups, but not for Blacks. We have pride in him being a Black President, but what did Blacks get from our overwhelming support of him twice?

In 2009, Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and The White House for two years and we got Obama Care which divided the nation and didn’t even get a single payer system, which he promised during his campaign his 2008 campaign.

People are tired of speeches. You can fees your family off speeches. Obama is a great politician, but a Piss Poor leader when it comes to addressing the issues of Black African Americans. During the Bank Bailout, he could have required a 4 year freeze on forclosures, but he didn’t.  He could have required that the banks make business loans to startups and existing businesses, but he didn’t. He could have been fair when giving out $780 Billion Dollars in Stimulus Funding so that Black Entrepreneurs got a fair share, but he didn’t.

When a grave injustice occurred to Rev Ed Pinkney of Benton Harbor, MI, where he was falsely charges and convicted in direct violation of his civil, human and constitutional rights. President Obama’s Justice Department refused to investigate it or issue a pardon. He doesn’t care about Black African Americans.

Donald Trump is no Politician and has not proven himself to be a racist! He doesn’t give great speeches. He out smarted 16 other seasoned politicians to win the Republican Nomination. He’s a business leader, who I believe will get things done. He’s not controllable by his own party or wealthy superpacs or wealthy doner and he’s no coward. 

I also don’t expect him to use NSA & FBI to target Blacks like Obama has done(Black Lives Matter and The Quiet Resolution). I believe he will listen to Blacks People ans not false Black Leaders like Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, Ben Jealous and others that Obama got bad advice from. Some of us have innovative solutions for America and our community. Obama pretended like we didn’t exist and ignored our efforts to communicate with him and his Administration. Shame on him!

Someone once said, “the mark of an insane voter is to keep voting for the same political party candidate and expecting them to take you seriously, when they have done nothing to help your people”. This election is about the future of Black Children and America. America and Black African Americans are Not Better off 7.5 years later after President Obama election.

Bernie Sanders was my first choice, but he lack the moral courage to run as an Independent. So for the second time, in my life, I will vote for Donald J. Trump, because the suffering and oppression of my people demand serious change and no more false hope or speeches.  

But let me be clear, Black African Americans are the only ones responsible for our own Uplift and Empowerment. My startups Allen Hydro Energy Corporation, a rerenewable energy startup with a solutuon to Global Climate Change and The Quiet Resolution (TQR.Inc) are my efforts to uplift and empower my people, who I love dearly.

President Obama has ignored my efforts to create 10,000 Clean Manufacturing jobs, a national high speed rail transportation system, a solution to gun violence and a solution to extinguish wildfires, while at the same time hr gave White Entrepreneurs hundreds of millions of Stimulus funding, because they contributed to his election campaign. He has done nothing to help us and has even allow his administration to suppress and oppress those of us trying to make a difference or offer to help his administration.

I believe Donald Trump will be better leader, not politicians who gives great speeches. 

Why I’m Not With Her?

Hilary Clinton’s Husband supported a Racist Crime Bill that led to the intentional targeting and Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans by the police, prosecutors, Judges and courts. But as a NY Senator and Secretary of State, she said nothing or did nothing about the suffering of Black African Americans in the criminal justice system. 

In America, each of us are free to vote for the candidate of our choice. I hope Black African Americans have the moral courage to put aside their manufactured fear and emotion and examine the facts, then make an informed choice, as I plan to do.

As a Conscious Black Social Worker, I know the suffering of people in poverty. America can do better than this, but only when we demand and vote for good leadership.


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