Solution To Chicago Gun Violence



To Chicago Police Department Chief of Police and Mayor:

RE: Solution To Gun Violence

Oakland CA has a program proven to reduce gun violence by paying violent offender to not be violent. It’s cheaper than the cost of violence. I can show you how to create Manufacturing and technology Jobs for young people. I can help you Create a database to track violent offenders released from jail with an innovative electronic watch that tracks movement, sends alerts and text messages to them. These folks need access to mental health counseling, economic opportunities and city resources. Any plan must Engage the Gang Leaders with mutual respect, because they can control their members in the communities. Train and Release OGs to engage young people and let them serve as mentors in their communities. Deputized them with the ability to intervene and resolve gang conflicts peacefully.
If Chicago Police Cheif is serious about solutions to Chicago Gun Violence Problem, I am willing to offer one called NonLethal Bullet Ballot Initiative. The community gets to sign a petition to get an initiate on the ballot to ban the ownership and use of lethal bullets and implements a sales and property tax to pay for a free lethal for NonLethal bullet exchange. It should include two exemptions.

1. For licensed hunters with bullets for a specific hunting license. 2. Police Officers first 6 six bullets must be NonLethal bullets to eliminate the murder of suspects. The initiative should include a $10,000 fine for violating the NonLethal Bullet Law. The only reason to have lethal bullets, if you plan to kill someone or an animal for food.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
The Quiet Resolution, TQR, Inc.

Years Of Unnecessary Suffering due to Incompetence & Hatred of Black People 

​Years Of Unnecessary Suffering due to Incompetence & Hatred of Black People

Wildfires continue to burn out of control destroying lives and property, while President Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown continue to ignore the Rain Maker Proposal.  Rain Maker Wildfire Extinguishing Proposal offered to build and use six or more vehicle sized autonomous Quadcopters to transport a Water and Cornstarch Solution, use infrared camera and thermosensers to locate the wildfires, hover above them and control release the solution, creating the affect of Rain. 

They would rather spend more than $3 Billion dollars each year, than deal with a Black African American Inventor offering solutions to a national problem they don’t know how to solve. 

I hope that millions of people take a look at their leadership and demand accountability. The National Media has also ignored the Rain Maker Proposal while covering wildfires. Shame on them too.

President Obama hatred for me, a Black African American Inventor has placed the lives and property of US Citizens at risk. They have unnecessarily lost lives and property due to a culture of Corruption, Incompetence and Pay To Play behavior of this Democratic Administration.  

Only when you hate a group of people, do you ignore their suffering and oppression. President Obama hates Black People. Where is Kanye West when you need him? He’s swimming in the hypocrisy of denial like so many other Black African Americans.

So when you, your family’s or neighborhood property is threaten by wildfire, don’t pray for rain. Pray for the “Rain Maker” and better political leadership that cares about you, as much as you care about them.

Share this with people at risk of losing everything from a wildfire, flood, drought, or tornado, unnecessarily!

Charles E. Campbell, Inventor and Entrepreneur “Rain Maker Proposal”

Why I Support Rev. Ed Pinkney 2016/08/03/the-nightmare-of- rev-pinkney-the-scales-of- justice-no-longer-exist-for- you-and-me/

The Nightmare of Rev. Pinkney: the Scales of Justice No Longer Exist for You and Me
by Polly Hughes – August 3, 2016
In April 2014, Reverend Edward Pinkney submitted 728 signatures to the Michigan Berrien County Clerk’s office to recall then Mayor James Hightower. The required number of signatures was 393. Upon review, by the clerk’s office, 300 signatures were disqualified, leaving 428 confirmed and certified. With 428 signatures, the requirement was met in excess by 35 signatures. The recall date was set at May 6, 2014.
Then, the nightmare began.
After the recall date was set, Hightower questioned some dates on the petitions and, ultimately, the petitions were handled by multiple individuals until, finally, they were delivered to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab to determine if any dates had been fraudulently altered. This is where things get fuzzy. The crime lab determined that some dates were changed based on a change in ink color and variations in the type of pen that was used. The prosecution, after charging Pinkney with five counts of election forgery of changing five dates on signatures, contended that the reason for the change was to meet the 60-day rule (signatures on petitions dated more than 60 days before they were filed with the county clerk, would be invalid).
The kangaroo court, in Berrien County, Michigan that followed later that year, convicted Pinkney of the five counts as felonies and he was sentenced to serve 2.5 to 10 years in prison.
Fast forward to July 2016, after Pinkney’s legal team has filed multiple appeals for bond and briefs to counter this wrongful conviction, after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-MI and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG)-Detroit have filed amicus briefs on Pinkney’s behalf, the Michigan Court of Appeals (COA) has, once again, ruled against Pinkney.
In the latest brief, Pinkney’s legal counsel argued these four major points in requesting his convictions be reversed:
* Michigan Election Law MCL 168.937 does not create substantive offense of election forgery.
* Prosecution presented insufficient evidence to convict.
* Berrien County trial court instructed the jury that it could convict Pinkney of election forgery, even if he was not the perpetrator, under the theory of aiding-and-abetting.
* Michigan Rule of Evidence MRE 404(b) was violated, obstructing Pinkney’s constitutional right to free speech and due process.
First, the MCL 168.937 contains ambiguous, vague language that can be easily accepted or dismissed by a Michigan court even though there are several cases pending decision based on the interpretation of this law. In Pinkney’s case, the COA ruled against Pinkney.
Second, at trial, there was no evidence, no witnesses, and no confession, nothing to prove Pinkney was guilty of committing a crime. Instead, these facts were brought out in court:
* Three witnesses came forward and testified that they saw another individual (Venita Campbell, who was in charge of checking petitions as they came in for accuracy and voter eligibility) change dates on some of the petitions. (Prosecution claimed that Miss Campbell could not be found to appear and testify herself.) Instead, prosecution used these testimonies to accuse Pinkney of telling Campbell to change dates, an accusation that was not proven to be true.
* A County Commissioner testified she changed the date at her signature herself after she realized she had written the wrong date.
* Securing recall signatures was held mostly outside, knocking on doors, and standing on street corners during the winter months and different pens had to be used as the cold would quickly affect the flow of the ink.
* At trial, 95% of about 15 witnesses who gave sworn testimony told the court they signed the recall petition themselves and some stated they remembered having to use different pens. About five percent stated they could not recall details pertaining to which type or how many pens they used.
* Michigan forensics examiner, Mark Goff, testified that some dates were altered, but he could not determine who changed the dates.
Third, the trial court and prosecution used Pinkney’s community leadership, his activism, the support and assistance he provided to Benton Harbor residents (especially young, Black men), his courtroom watching, and his role as president of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO) as motivation to commit election forgery and, therefore, Pinkney must be convicted on the possibility of aiding-and-abetting. Of course, this is blatantly ludicrous and racist, and it was used as a means of removing Pinkney from his community, of locking Pinkney up to silence and isolate him. Even during the sentencing, the prosecution urged the judge to send a clear message to Pinkney and the community with a harsh sentence.
Fourth, Pinkney’s constitutional right to free speech and due process were violated. The prosecution brought up his activism often during the trial in a bid to influence and convince the jury that his widespread leadership and activism were motives that could convict Pinkney on these charges. The three COA judges agreed with the prosecution.
Indeed, Pinkney was host of a weekly radio show, he has the support of celebrities, such as Danny Glover (who attended a fundraiser with Pinkney and has been a longtime supporter), and Pinkney has taken his fight for justice and equality around the country. He has delivered speeches to the United Nations in New York City, at the local Michigan Democracy Convention, and at various other organizational meetings as far away as California. During the trial and sentencing, it was clear to all who observed in the courtroom, that Berrien County officials, influenced by the power of the Whirlpool Corporation, considered Pinkney a community leader whom they were determined to stop no matter what. The COA has joined the trial court in stepping on Pinkney’s free speech rights.
The evidence is clear that the corrupt Michigan court system bends laws and rules, dismisses testimonies, submits unfounded charges, intimidates witnesses with antagonistic discord, and uses racist tactics to silence dissension in order to allow corporate rule and gentrification to take over Benton Harbor, a community that is about 90% Black with nearly half living in poverty (according to official statistics). Pinkney has clearly been punished for helping his community fight against the machine of corruption.
According to Pinkney and his counsel, the next step is to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. In June 2017, Pinkney will have been incarcerated for 2.5 years, the minimum sentence handed down. Will the Supreme Court do the right thing? Will it objectively weigh all the tenets of this case and rule accordingly?
Pinkney has spent the past five plus years warning Americans about the rise of fascism in our government through laws such as the Emergency Manager Law (originally Public Act 101) that has exasperated the situations in Detroit, Flint, and in many other Michigan cities, including Benton Harbor. The latest version of this law does not allow the public to make changes or vote, via referendum, to disallow the law.
Will you or I be next to suffer this nightmare?
What has happened to Rev. Edward Pinkney, an African-American man of faith with a huge heart, a fighter for freedom and rights for all, can happen to anyone. So do we refuse to be quiet and submissive? Do we refuse to accept the status quo and the growing chokehold of corporations and the corruption of too many local, state, and federal government officials? Pinkney says, “We must all join together, no matter what your color, creed, gender, sexual identity, age or religion, and fight! There are more of us than there are of them. Enough is enough!”
We are witnessing a rise in unrest among the young, minorities, homeless, poor, and middle class Americans as individuals and groups fight for survival, equality and justice. If we do not fight unlawful efforts to suffocate our freedoms, then is it only a matter of time when we can be arrested and/or fined, even charged and convicted unjustly for writing a letter-to-the-editor or for holding a sign in a peaceful protest or for writing an opinion on social media? We cannot sit idly by, watching and thinking that we will be okay because the Scales of Justice no longer exist for you and me.
Please show your support to Rev. Pinkney by writing to him at: Rev. Edward Pinkney #294671; N-E-93; Marquette Branch Prison;1960 U.S. Highway 41 South; Marquette, MI 49855. Donations to help with his legal counsel and other expenses are greatly appreciated. Go to for more on this case.

A Better Solution for Black African Americans 

​Chicago, Flint, Ferguson, Baltimore, New Orleans, Jackson, Cleveland and Milwaukee Black African Americans.

There is a solution to your systematic oppression being ignored by President Obama and Black Politicians.
 It’s called The Quiet Resolution ( TQR.Inc ) 
Tell your Black Leaders who don’t have a solution.

Boo Him Loudly 

                Boo Him Loudly
Rev Ed. Pinkney, a real Black Leader, from Benton Harbor, Michigan who stood up against Whoorlpool Corporation and their corrupt Sambo Former Mayor of Benton Harbor. For doing so, the White County Sheriff in a conspiracy with the White County Clerk, the White County Prosecutor and an All White Jury, falsely charged, arrested and convicted him of falsifying recall signatures without any evidence and sentenced him to state prison. A corrupt appeals judge denied his due process. President Obama, Eric Holder and now AG Loretta Lynch refused to investigate his case.
Obama has not and would not lift a finger to help any Black African American other than his family, friends or White People.
He made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. That’s his legacy! He intentionally ignored the suffering and oppression of Black African Americans, while giving us speeches. He will forever be known to Black Folks as the “Great Speech Giver in Chief”. Him Speak with Gifted Tounge, but him do nothing for Black People who voted twice over 90% to help elect him President. Him should be ashamed! Him should be BOOOED loudly every time Him give Black Folks Another Got Dam Speech.
We will Free Rev. Ed Pinkney!

Where there is no justice, there can never be peace! Liberty or Death must by our options. TQR, Inc is the only acceptable compromise. The day of marching, protesting and begging are at an end. Time for Real Black Men and Women to get involve for our own Uplift and Empowerment.

Nuff Said!

Time For A Change

Time For A Change

Why does money get spent to organize people when there is an election? Isn’t there always an election? So why not have organizations have an ongoing political empowerment campaign?

Both main political parties are funded by the wealthy elite in this country. If democracy is important, the grassroots need to gather enough signatures to create a ballot initiative that does the following.
1. Create a $1 property tax and a $0.01 sales tax and redistribute the funds to grassroots political organization with equal representation based on race, gender, sexual orientation, income levels, and age within a geographic location(neighborhood).

2. Require these Organizations elected leaders for Term limited time periods of (1) one year within a 10 year period.

3. Each Organization must be accountable for registering voters in their community, training and educating their community on issues affecting their community, city, county, state and country, holding online community debates, polls and newsletters. Live stream all meetings, debates and share data on a central website.

4. Funds must be equally divided based on population of neighborhood, income levels, by percentage of race, age, gender and sexual orientation.

This Ballot Initiative will give everyone a voice in their democracy, train new leaders for political office and give them an opportunity to focus on solutions to problems that can be shared with other organizations and communities. Our democracy is rotten to the core, where the wealthy elite dictate the policies and leaders a puppets, who lack the moral courage to solve problems without fear or excuses.

I offer this strategy to those seriously interested in change and not just trying to replace the power structure in order to meet their own egos and ambitions.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution, (TQR, Inc)