Boo Him Loudly 

                Boo Him Loudly
Rev Ed. Pinkney, a real Black Leader, from Benton Harbor, Michigan who stood up against Whoorlpool Corporation and their corrupt Sambo Former Mayor of Benton Harbor. For doing so, the White County Sheriff in a conspiracy with the White County Clerk, the White County Prosecutor and an All White Jury, falsely charged, arrested and convicted him of falsifying recall signatures without any evidence and sentenced him to state prison. A corrupt appeals judge denied his due process. President Obama, Eric Holder and now AG Loretta Lynch refused to investigate his case.
Obama has not and would not lift a finger to help any Black African American other than his family, friends or White People.
He made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. That’s his legacy! He intentionally ignored the suffering and oppression of Black African Americans, while giving us speeches. He will forever be known to Black Folks as the “Great Speech Giver in Chief”. Him Speak with Gifted Tounge, but him do nothing for Black People who voted twice over 90% to help elect him President. Him should be ashamed! Him should be BOOOED loudly every time Him give Black Folks Another Got Dam Speech.
We will Free Rev. Ed Pinkney!

Where there is no justice, there can never be peace! Liberty or Death must by our options. TQR, Inc is the only acceptable compromise. The day of marching, protesting and begging are at an end. Time for Real Black Men and Women to get involve for our own Uplift and Empowerment.

Nuff Said!


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