Years Of Unnecessary Suffering due to Incompetence & Hatred of Black People 

​Years Of Unnecessary Suffering due to Incompetence & Hatred of Black People

Wildfires continue to burn out of control destroying lives and property, while President Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown continue to ignore the Rain Maker Proposal.  Rain Maker Wildfire Extinguishing Proposal offered to build and use six or more vehicle sized autonomous Quadcopters to transport a Water and Cornstarch Solution, use infrared camera and thermosensers to locate the wildfires, hover above them and control release the solution, creating the affect of Rain. 

They would rather spend more than $3 Billion dollars each year, than deal with a Black African American Inventor offering solutions to a national problem they don’t know how to solve. 

I hope that millions of people take a look at their leadership and demand accountability. The National Media has also ignored the Rain Maker Proposal while covering wildfires. Shame on them too.

President Obama hatred for me, a Black African American Inventor has placed the lives and property of US Citizens at risk. They have unnecessarily lost lives and property due to a culture of Corruption, Incompetence and Pay To Play behavior of this Democratic Administration.  

Only when you hate a group of people, do you ignore their suffering and oppression. President Obama hates Black People. Where is Kanye West when you need him? He’s swimming in the hypocrisy of denial like so many other Black African Americans.

So when you, your family’s or neighborhood property is threaten by wildfire, don’t pray for rain. Pray for the “Rain Maker” and better political leadership that cares about you, as much as you care about them.

Share this with people at risk of losing everything from a wildfire, flood, drought, or tornado, unnecessarily!

Charles E. Campbell, Inventor and Entrepreneur “Rain Maker Proposal”


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