Are Black African Americans Political Mindless Sheep?

​Are Black African Americans Political Mindless Sheep?

6 Years Later, President Obama and the Congressional Black Cacus have done nothing for Black African American People and they want our vote in November 2016.

We must send them a clear message, by voting for a Non-politician and give him or her a chance to Make America Great Again or stop ignoring the poor! Let the Democrats know that they shoukd never take the Black Vote for granted again. 

We are not mindless sheep, who you can make promises to, we elect you twice and you disrespect us by not addressing Police Murdering us, a criminal justice system that Mass Incarcerates us, no Cost of Living Raise for Senior living on Social Security, Education System failing our Children, States and local Government Poisoning our Drinking Water with Lead, Pay To Play Stimulus Grants that deny Black Entrepreneurs access to federal grants or loans, no-Single Payer Healthcare System, and Higher Unemployment for Black Men and Youth.

All these things, President Obama could have addressed when he took office in 2009, where Democrats controlled the Presidency, US Senate and US House Of Representatives and he had $780 Billion Dollars in Stimulus Funding.  

There was no excuse for ignoring the suffering of Black African Americans! The legacy President Obama wants protected allowed the Rich to get Richer and the Poor to get Poorer. Which category do Black African Americans, our families and our communities fit into. That’s no legacy worth respecting or keeping. It’s a disgrace and insult to the intelligence of Black African Americans. 

He and Democrats Played Black African Americans and most people are too cowardly to admit it. Like always they expect Black African Americans to get on board with Hilary to make history again. Really! Well, I’m Not With Her!

I’m voting for a Non-Politician to send a clear message, that “I Ain’t No Got Dam Mindless Sheep” who can be ignored and taken for granted after the election. I’m voting for either the Green or Republican Party, if just to disrupt politics as usual. The time for being controlled and manipulated by fear is at an End!

May All the Non-Coward Black African Americans stand up for our babies, seniors, youth, and community by sending the Democrats a clear message in November. Never Again! Never Again!



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