No Thank You President Obama!

​No Thank You President Obama

It’s the final election week end. By now, most of you know that I’m planning to vote for Trump. Not because he is a politician, but because he may not ignore our suffering like President Obama has done for 8 years. 

President Obama and Democrats took our vote for granted. In 2009, when he was elected, Democrats held the Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives for two years. They waisted that opportunity on Obama Care. He promised us a single payer Canada Like Health CareSystem, but allowed the Insurance Companies to write the mess that we now know as Obama Care.

He stood by and did nothing while the Banks Foreclosed on our homes even after he gave them billions in taxpayer bailout money.

He stood by and did nothing while White Racist Cops harassed and murdered unarmed Black Men, Women and Children.

He gave his campaign contributors stimulus funding in Pay – To Play Schemes, while denying Black African Americans Innovators access to even small grants. 

He pretended that everything was okay with Black African Amrican Unemployment and ignored our suffering.

He refused to repeal Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that led to Black Mass Incarceration and the targeting of Black African Americans for profit making prisons and drug property seizures.

He refused to repeal Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform which criminalize Black men for not paying Child Support by taking their driver’s licenses, withholding income tax and taking pay.  

He failed to give Seniors a Social Security Increase even as the prices of food, rent and medicine got more expensive.

He refused to address poor Black Segragated Public Schools or listen to ideas from Black Innovators offering solutions to some of America’s biggest problems.

He gave Black Folks Speeches(Speech-Giver-In-Chief), while giving Hispancs, Gays, Women and Whites Laws and access to grants, and loans to addressed their issues.

He help the Richer get Richer and allowed the Poor get Poorer. If you in the Poor Category, shame on you if you accept this. 

A Politician can only ride your back, if you keep bending over. For once in the 21 Century, Black African Americans need to stand up and not fall for the Political BS and teach the Democrats a lesson. Never again will you ignore our suffering and be rewarded with our Votes.

This is the Obama Legacy that President Obama wants Hillary Clinton to protect and continue. No Thank You!


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