Who Will Cry For My People?

             Who Will Cry For My People?


My Condolences to the Davis family of Chicago, IL USA for the loss of their 15-year old son and grandson to gun violence recently. No one except the people who have lost a child can understand the kind of pain and suffering they are experiencing.  Black African Americans suffer from a class of cowards, posing as leaders for our community.  President Obama is the biggest of them all and has set the cowardly standard by ignoring the pain and suffering of Black African American People.  During his presidency, he nor the Black Congressional Caucus, Democrats or Republicans proposed not one bill, executive order or fund any solution designed to deal with the suffering of Black African American People.  The Black Media did not hold any of them accountable. They simply reported on the violence, mass incarceration, high unemployment, urban decay and lack of investment, the loss of Black Wealth, the increase in Black Poverty Rate, high Black Infant Mortality Rate and the number of failing and segregated Black Public Schools.

When Black African American Innovators like myself offered President Obama and his Administration ideas, solutions, proposal and applied for federal grant funding in 2009, I was ignored and denied stimulus funding. My renewable energy company, Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) http://www.ahecEnergy.com has a US Patent #8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” which was issued on March 19, 2013, for a new type of large-scale hydroelectric power plant designed inside a 70-story building, capable of providing the world a renewable energy solution for climate change and creating thousands of manufacturing jobs, was denied a 2 Million Dollar Stimulus Grant from more than 30 Billion Dollars allocated for energy funding by the Obama Administration.  Instead, the Obama Administration gave one company Solyndra Solar 535 Million Dollars to build solar panels, because the founders contributed to his 2008 Presidential Campaign. One year later Solyndra Solar filed for bankruptcy. This is a small, but great example that indicated how much President Obama cared about Black African American People and our fair treatment.

My goal is to use the profit from a successful renewable energy company to fund The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), which is a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan. http://www.tqrinc.com  This is why I suspect that the Obama Administration has used every effort to interfere and disrupt my efforts to get funding for AHEC. By using a “CoIntelPro” like US Government program that continues to monitor my communications and suppress my efforts, to prevent Black African Americans from implementing a plan that allows us to recycle our annual income, which would allow us to address our own suffering and problems using our own resources. The problem with allowing the implementation of TQR, Inc for the US Government, is that it would create a stable economic foundation for the Black Community, where billions of Black Dollars would no longer go outside of the Black Community to those that current profit from our poverty and misery. These are the individuals who fund both democrats and republicans to ensure that they continue an unwritten policy of “Benign Neglect” toward Black African Americans as evidenced by the social and economic conditions of the Black African American Community.

It is a conspiracy that includes the cooperation of all media, but especially Black Media, Black Politicians, Black Civil Rights Organizations and Black Religious Leaders. It’s not enough to talk about the loss of a Black Child, when their relatives are a professional athlete or politicians. All Black Lives should matter and solutions be demanded and implemented, but not with more protests and marches. The implementation of a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan like The Quiet Resolution(TQR, Inc) offers a true black Self-Empowerment solution and all the US Government has to do is stop trying to disrupt our efforts.  I challenge the media to expose the truth by investigating my efforts, if you have the moral courage and integrity to do so.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
The Quiet Resolutions (TQR, Inc)


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