Did President Obama Neglect Black African Americans For 8 Years?

President Obama

Did President Obama Neglect Black African Americans For 8 Years?

Black African Americans should be happy to see the end of President Obama’s Presidency. It was great for history sake, but not great for Black African Americans.

There is not one single policy, proposal or law that improved the lives socially or economically of Black African American People. Obama Care should have been a single payer healthcare system like Canada. But instead, he spent $400 Million Dollars on Obama Care Website that did not work!

His legacy for Black African Americans was disrespectful and I am ashamed of him. Usually, when A Black African American becomes the first Black at something, we excel. He did not! He is a coward and was:
afraid to stop racist police from killing unarmed Black, instead held a Beer Summit;

afraid to stop banks from foreclosing on Black Homeowners even after giving them billions in bailout money:

afraid to address the high unemployment rate of Black People:

afraid to repeal Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that led to the mass incarceration of Black People, destroying families and draining the Black Community of role models: Fathers, Brothers, OGs, and Grandfathers leaving a power vacuum filled by our youth with no moral guidance from men:

afraid to address the poor and segregated Failing Black Public Schools, afraid to provide equality in federal funding to Black Entrepreneurs who could not pay-to-play by contributing to his election campaign like Solyndra Solar:

afraid have or listen to any Black People with big ideas, dreams, or Innovations that could inspire a People. His campaign slogan “Hope & Change” was just meaningless words that he pimped to Blacks, like heaven after a life of suffering. Sounds familiar to Conscious Black African Americans who remember the strategies use to control enslaved people without chains, whips or brutality.
He was one of the best Politicians this world has ever seen, but one of the worst leaders too. Leaders solve problems without fear, greed or excuses.

Americans rebelled against both political parties because of Bush and Obama. Their poor leadership created a vacuum for Donald Trump, who I voted for. It is time that Black African Americans remove our emotions from politics and realize that we are being manipulated and our people’s conditions never improve. We live in a real life Matrix and done even know it. Maybe Trump is that Red Pill we need to wake the hell up!

It’s time that we get up off our knees, collective support one or more plans for our uplift and empowerment.

It’s time that we stop begging others to do that which we must do for ourselves. Check out one such plan called The Quiet Resolution (TQR) http://www.tqrinc.com
So, did he neglect Black African American People for 8 years? Before you answer, take a personal and collective assessment of your and your family’s lives and the lives of Black African American in your city, county, state and nation.

Don’t Givea Dam

Have the courage to have an opinion


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