Congratulations President Donald J. Trump 

​Congratulations to the 45th President Donald J. Trump. May his leadership help those who feel left behind, especially Black African Americans living in communities with gun violence, homelessness, poverty, underfunded segregated schools and those still unemployed or have given up on employment. 

I have shared ideas with President Trump Transition Team, just as I tried to do with President Obama and I will continue to offer my ideas, innovation and Entrepreneur skills to help this country get better. 

1. A New National High Speed Transportation System

2. A New Education Technology System 

3. A New Type of Hydro Power Plant

4. Solutions to American Gun Violence

5. A Space Elevator 

6. A Cyber Security Deterrant Solution 

7. A National Black Empowerment Plan

We need leadership with solutions and not excuses. It’s Trumptime! Trumptime!

How We Treat American Veterans?

                                   How We Treat American Veterans?
Have you heard about the suicides, lack of access to healthcare in a timely manner, poor facilities conditions. 

Active Military and Veterans too often are cowards when it comes to defending America against Domestic Enemies. They are ordered to go fight Foreign Enemies, but get no training, support or pay to fight Domestic Enemies who implement racist policies, use law enforcement like their (Mob Muscle), violate the civil and human rights of the poor, falsely charge and incarcerate those who oppose their corruption. Active Veterans are kept so busy focused on Foreign Enemies that Domestic Enemies get away with treating Veterans like shit.

Active Military know better because they come from towns, counties, and states that allow poverty, drugs and corruption to continue, while enabling the Rich and Wealthy to increase their material wealth. Income Inequality should be unconstitutional. 

Here’s A Disruptive Idea: Change the US Constitution to ensure that Inherited wealth does not provide an unfair advantage! Americans should have a level playing field, by requiring that Americans can only keep what they have been able to earn, not inherited. No foreign individual can used inherited wealth to create an unfair advantage in America, against Americans. This should apply to All Americans. 

Free Thinker, C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Farewell Obama From Chicago No Hope


Farewell Obama From Chicago No Hope

by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

People of Chicago don’t want your Prayers,
They want the violence and murders to stop, to know that someone Cares.

Black Boys killing Black People are fulfilling a Racist Agenda,
Too ignorant to know any better, never learned or don’t Remember.

The Obamas saw the forest, but ignored the Trees,
His Boy Mayor Rahm wanted to taste the honey, ignored the Bees.

How many Black People in Chicago must Die,
How many children with unfulfilled dreams must Cry.

The Obama’s Legacy to Chicago was one of being as “Quite As A Mouse”,
Too scared to stop the killing, while their children slept safely in “The White House”.

Chicago No Hope! Chicago No Change!
Farewell Obamas, after pimping Black Folks for Political Gain!

President Obama and Mayor Emanuel was offered Gun Violence Solutions,
Ignored because Chicago is okay to them and needs no Resolutions.

They hide behind the Second Amendment as a week Ass Excuse,
Solved that problem too, but still no end to the Genocide, Violence or Abuse.

The politicians in Chicago should be Recalled and Replaced,
Times Up for Voters to accept violence as normal or a Waste.

Chicago Got Dam! Chicago No Hope!
Farewell Obamas! Are Chicago People worth more than Guns and Dope!

Gang Members ain’t Apes, so why are they killing their people in a Concrete Jungle,
Stop the Disputes and Murders, Chicago is tired of the Violent Rumbles!

January 20th, Chicago will have two Jobs for Community Organizers with a Mission,
Michele and Barack Obama should atone for their mistakes by accepting those Positions.

Farewell Obamas! For 8 Years you ignored the suffering of Chicago’s Poorest,
Now you only plan to visit Chicago as more Scared Tourist.
Run Obamas Run!