How We Treat American Veterans?

                                   How We Treat American Veterans?
Have you heard about the suicides, lack of access to healthcare in a timely manner, poor facilities conditions. 

Active Military and Veterans too often are cowards when it comes to defending America against Domestic Enemies. They are ordered to go fight Foreign Enemies, but get no training, support or pay to fight Domestic Enemies who implement racist policies, use law enforcement like their (Mob Muscle), violate the civil and human rights of the poor, falsely charge and incarcerate those who oppose their corruption. Active Veterans are kept so busy focused on Foreign Enemies that Domestic Enemies get away with treating Veterans like shit.

Active Military know better because they come from towns, counties, and states that allow poverty, drugs and corruption to continue, while enabling the Rich and Wealthy to increase their material wealth. Income Inequality should be unconstitutional. 

Here’s A Disruptive Idea: Change the US Constitution to ensure that Inherited wealth does not provide an unfair advantage! Americans should have a level playing field, by requiring that Americans can only keep what they have been able to earn, not inherited. No foreign individual can used inherited wealth to create an unfair advantage in America, against Americans. This should apply to All Americans. 

Free Thinker, C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


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