Congratulations President Donald J. Trump 

​Congratulations to the 45th President Donald J. Trump. May his leadership help those who feel left behind, especially Black African Americans living in communities with gun violence, homelessness, poverty, underfunded segregated schools and those still unemployed or have given up on employment. 

I have shared ideas with President Trump Transition Team, just as I tried to do with President Obama and I will continue to offer my ideas, innovation and Entrepreneur skills to help this country get better. 

1. A New National High Speed Transportation System

2. A New Education Technology System 

3. A New Type of Hydro Power Plant

4. Solutions to American Gun Violence

5. A Space Elevator 

6. A Cyber Security Deterrant Solution 

7. A National Black Empowerment Plan

We need leadership with solutions and not excuses. It’s Trumptime! Trumptime!


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